Sunday, April 13, 2008

do not send me save the dolphin forwards. ambani is not going to do shit if i sign a damn petition. plus that's hayden panettiere's job.

so i'm officially all weeded out. june 16th is when the fourth season of weeds comes out. i don't know how i'm going to survive till then. i just might have to watch all three seasons again. or just season 3 episode 12. mm mm mmm!

other things i watched today - smart people. not a very smart movie. if anything it was dreadfully boring. that juno girl didn't have enough funny things to say. also sarah jessica parker is officially a hag. you know who else is a hag? helen hunt. there's this new movie she's doing with matthew broderick who by the way is most definitely gay. how does sarah jessica parker not know her husband is gay? she of all people should know. anyway in the movie helen hunt's neck looks 90 years old and she's playing a 39 year old trying to have a baby. Also when you're almost forty why try to force nature? why not just adopt a good looking child? of course you'd need to test it first. make sure it isn't stupid. alright alright all you part time blogger - full time mommy readers [my favourite blogger demographic by the way, not really] can stop hating me. i'm only joking. sort of.

in other exciting news i had my first bucket of dibs today. i was amazed at how long it stayed solid. i kept waiting for it to melt. how do they do that?? wait. i don't actually want a scientific explanation so all you geeks can zip it. i just find it fascinating, the technology of our times! poppable ice cream balls! ooh also apparently they have a mint flavour. is it any good? is it solid mint outside and vanilla inside?

p.s. in tragic news i just discovered there is no more wine in the house.

p.p.s. i will henceforth be sharing with you random things i heard on weeds just as and when i remember them. for now i will leave you with 'snow nigger'. i know it's terribly offensive and i'm sure it existed way before the show but it makes me giggle okay?

p.p.p.s. there is absolutely no truth to this. clearly baby v and puppy m have been snorting coke again. shame on you two. bacchon ke baarein mein socho.

happy weekend. muah.


narendra shenoy said...

Is there any truth in Kasargode Managatha's allegation? If there is, are the peanuts any good?

BTW, since you're out of wine and presumably going to shop for some, let me suggest Walmart's economical redneck wine selection:

1. Chateau Trailer Parque
2. Jus' like Vinegar
3. White Trash-findel
4. Grape Expectorations
5. Peanot Noir

Said to go beautifully with roadkill.

Pri said...

bwahahahaha. i was just going to go to the grocery store down the road but now i dont know.

Bikerdude said...

Hehehe good post beta. I love this new beligerent pri avatar.

I'm also enjoying my current Multiple Personality Disorder avatar

K.M. Atha.

Anonymous said...

I like you. You're okay.

frissko said...

Don't know about this brand, but doesn't mint with ice cream remind you of colgate gel? (For me it always does!). Mint with dark chocolate somehow feels alright though.

Kappa said...

Now Now Now

Lets not put our feet off the gas pedal and let go of the steering wheel. Maybe we can connect our gas pedal to our brake lights.

Just when we are being christened with a new name, a new life, a new soul ( perhaps ), you wanna dive into realms of loneliness?

There will be no Absolution here
and in any case, "Prevention is better than cure"

"Look before you leap"

No , i am not the one who will hold your hand, but if you like it, i wont stop it.

and yes "last but not the least":

"dhruthagathiyil cheyyunna kaaryangal paazhaayi pokum"

SuperLame Cliche Master
Call now!! and get me out of here

"Ah keep your eyes on the road
And your hands upon the wheel"
- The Doors

Anonymous said...

I dont like you. You're boring.

Anonymous said...

I dont like you. You're boring.

Anonymous said...

what a self-loathing narcissist i am.
but i like you because you're okay.

Kappa said...

Yes , i was clearly an avid reader of your blog until i stumbled upon "ze shape".

and i asked myself "why not i copy it?"

and so i did!

by the way that link you sent is not a fully functioning link.
just like you, i guess

i was inspired by a fellow blogger named Shoonatya. A triangle to evolve into a diamond.

However, i am happy i have succeeded in flattering you.

Tell me is there any thing else i can pretend to rip off your blog?
Please let me know.. I really need this

1 800 RIP 0PRI

asi-asi said...

@kappa - is it with meen curry? ;)

Kappa said...

no, just with melodramatic curry

though some raw banana with pork could do some good

"You're playin' with your food, this ain't some kind of game" - Weird Al

asi-asi said...

@kappa---na would rather prefer the nendrange chips and the porky boi separate.

Sagaro said...

You know what. That is so true. Even I am going thro' the same phase. Only in my case it is Turtles and Tata instead of Dolphins and Ambani.

And yes, even I didn't find Smart people smart.

Karan said...

thu. die.

Janefield said...

what, no post abt the IPL?! :O

dada WON! KKR rocked da house!!! :D

Art said...

Clinton's contrived humor was better than Obama's contrived humor at Doritos Sweet Spicy Nachos Chiladelphia Primary from Philadelphia on the Colbert Report.

It was depressing.

Pri said...

art: i know i know but give the man a chance. he'll be on the daily show monday. cant wait.

janefield: yes yes but you do realize im going to support the bangalore team. if dada's team is playing against anyone other than bangalore they have my support.

Pri said...

sagaro: yeah i meant tata and the turtles too. i made the other stuff up.

karen: what your problem IS bitch?


Pri ! I Tagjuuu. Check the personal blog i.e. bekindrewind.

traveller said...

So, I started weeds too.. Man, am I impressed or what!!! In one single day I got done with 17 episodes, continuosly.. No food.. Just smoking n the series! If you wanna discuss, pls email .. Man am addicted to tis one .. totally!