Monday, April 07, 2008

getting to know the boy

i got ten minutes of alone time with r today because for the better part of the lunch hour eric sat around us chewing his apple and making fox news jokes. idiot. when he finally left the room r turned to me and asked what i was eating.



it's like grits.

oh yeah?

but with vegetables and spices. what are you eating?

leftover rice and vegetables. i leaned over to take a look. it looked terrible.

do you cook?

sort of. i mean i manage. i usually just make whatever i'm cooking really spicy. that way it's edible.


does your mum cook for you a lot?

when i go over to her place i usually take lots of empty containers.


hey, i wanted to tell you about this local cricket league i found out about. this one guy i know plays for them.


yeah. i had no idea they had those here.

well there are lots of south asian people who live here so..

true. they sure love their cricket. in jamaica too it's hard not to get into cricket.

mm hmm. did you play?

yeah but one time i got hit by a ball...

oh oh!

those things are hard.

hell yeah!

plus i liked soccer and track better. i did play some street cricket as a kid. we had this carpenter guy who would give us pieces of wood. i mean you had to work on it a bit but when you got it nice and smooth it was a bat.

nice! my cousins had a proper cricket bat. we all took turns batting. no one ever wanted to bowl. we didn't even own a proper cricket ball. tennis ball, plastic, anything would do.

yeah. we played with the tennis ball a lot too. if we ever did get ourselves a proper red cricket ball it was usually pink and bent out of shape by the time it got to us.

hee hee.

good times. he had this wistful look on his face. wistful/dreamy. i took the opportunity to study his features. i decided he needed a shave.

so, how old were you when you left jamaica?

i was nineteen when we immigrated but man those were some incredible years. i wouldn't change that for the world.

sigh. we're liking this boy more and more. at one point i almost reached out to pet him. don't ask. he looked pettable. anyway i didn't. here's what i did do. this incredibly hot boy showed up later in a bright green shirt and a ridiculous afro. the weird part was he looked kinda desi. the affro threw me off. anyway i saw r talking to him so of course i called his extension to find out how he knew him and he's like why do you ask and without thinking twice i say well duh he was so cute. he laughed. i'm not sure why i did that. he was incredibly cute though. plus i am easily distracted. anyway i realise i need to keep my eyes on the prize and so i have decided to make a list of things i like about r. so far i have this -

is hot.

dresses well.

smells good.

clean hands.

voted for obama.

can be bribed anytime with cookies. they have to be macadamia nut.

has played cricket.

has the most adorable laugh.

has big puppy dog eyes.

likes his food spicy.

that accent.

things we're not so thrilled about -

talks to his mom way too much.

has this annoying cell phone headset he walks around with. in his defense i haven't seen it in a while. let's hope he got rid of it.

existence of offspring.

possible temper issues. one time he got really mad when someone got his lunch order wrong. either he was really hungry that day or the boy has anger management issues and i don't need that.

p.s. you know i've realised if there's one thing i'm really good it's making myself fall for someone. like i'll usually take my time but once i've decided i'm going to fall for them i get around to doing just that. i wont actually do anything about it but hey at least i won't have boredom issues. at least not until i'm bored with the idea of being in love with them. yeah i'm really ready for the tv shows to be back.

p.p.s. so who watches weeds? i just got into it and i need to discuss the fabulosity of this show. email me.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Priyanka D said...

Ummm... How about trying to be as good at making people fall for you??
:) I suck at it... Hope to read about r's part of the story soon :)

Bikerdude said...

girl_from_ipanema: It is axellent strotezy I say. Full fellow will become off jealous and ask this girl out. Best Im telling you.

But err prikutty kindly compare list you just made against what I have been telling you ok? OK.

kavitha said...

fried plantains & curried goat should help!

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. Pri,

Is "Weeds" by any chance this show where one gets to visit mansions/bungalows/other living areas of rich and famous South Indian persons?


Puppy Manohar.

"You can take the nai out of TN, but you cannot take the TN out of the nai" - Anon.

catchmineifucan said...

i dont think anybody noticed.. yet.. annnnnnndddd....(drum rolls)


narendra shenoy said...

First step in strategy, as b-dude said, to play hard to get. In my case, several girls played impossible to get, eventually having to settle for tall, lean bodied bore when they could have had slightly potbellied and sunken chested, perhaps, but capable of atrocious puns Naren FOR LIFE.

To cut a long story short, if he is a shy, retiring guy, reach out to the feller. But only if he's capable of atrocious puns.

Yes, too much time on hand at this moment. Apologies for gratuitous advice.

Anonymous said...

lol@ existence of offspring.

so how do you compare the affro guy and r???

Pri said...

shenoy saar: hehe. will do as advised.

catchmineifucan: yay!! feel free to come out anytime you like ok?ok.

puppyjee: no but good guess.

tgfi: cause im a fool.

kavitha: huh? what is significance?

priyanka: yeah i wouldnt hold my breath.

bikerdude: is not true. is not!!!

gradwolf: you cant. one looks like a desi guy in a wig and the other is just super hot. and i get to see the second one every day.

kavitha said...

replace upma with jamaican soul food for r.

Anonymous said...

upma? at work? you are a braver soul than i.

also: second what narendra-ji said.

Anonymous said...

why has gym boy disappeared from ur to do list?

Pri said...

anon: thank you for your concern. we are just trying to make the list more realistic. you know, more doable.

frissko said...

boys like girls who like them...if hot boy gets to know you think he is cute it is good only...good luck and all that...

caughthiscozicould aka rbr said...

nothing, i just caught his coz i could. i like hairy bearys.