Saturday, April 26, 2008

they named you what??

so it's summer. well it feels like it anyway and so i have planned for myself a fun road trip. i happen to have the wondrous task of moving a bright shiny red car [soon to be my bright shiny red car] all the way from la to houston. what is that like 5 days? i haven't bothered to check yet but i'm thinking instead that i will drive it in the direction of colorado and visit some friends. by visit i mean live with them until they decide to kick me out of their house once they realise what a bad influence i am on the baby and the dog, both of which are lovely by the way when they're not drooling on me. just because you're cute doesn't make it okay for you to drool on people, unless you're romany malco. then you get to do whatever you want.

anyway you know how people are always bitching about the price of gas? i'm usually like shut the fuck up because i mean it's cheaper than coffee. that stuff is killing my finances. but like now this whole gas price thing is going to affect me tremendously as i begin to partake in this journey across this ginormous land. a journey which i hope will help me discover myself cause yeah that ain't happened yet. oh also in case you're wondering what happened with r. nothing happened. he hasn't mentioned the text at all. not once. so i'm assuming he's not into it and we're going to leave it at that. except he's still doing the whole messing with my stationary thing followed by stupid grinning. like wtf am i supposed to get from that? do i still think he's hot? hell yeah!

in silly news RBR - my good friend and one time hospital stretcher thief introduced to me the official ipl team page, a page that has since brought us much joy. look, some of the players happen to have some funny names, that's all. also we're both like 12 years old and we'll giggle at anything.

for example:

Wilkin Mota is on the same team as Ramesh Powar. interesting...

there exists a player by the name of M.S.Ghoni. apparently it stands for Manpreet Singh Ghoni and last time we checked he is not in fact related to M.S.Dhoni.

also there's one fool named Napoleon Einstein. seriously.

then my favourite twosome Shadab Jakati and Yo Mahesh. i predict the following incident taking place sometime soon on a cricket field near you.

"YO mahesh!"
"shaddup dude!"
bitch slap. booo hooooo.

also there's Loots Bosman and Luke Ronchi and Pinal Shah. *giggle giggle*

also Sumit Khatri and Taruwar Kohli's names are strategically placed right next to each other. no comprende? okay katri means knife and koli means chicken. did i mention the team is sponsored by kfc?

and then by far my most favourite name - Ajinkya Rahane. this is seriously some dude's real name? it's as if his parents were given random scrabble letters and this is the best they could come up with. ajinkya it seems!

okay happy weekend!! and watch baby momma. you all love tina fey and amy poehler no? plus romany malco's in it. he doesn't get to make out with anyone but at least he's there with his adorable puppy dog eyes.


eyy.. one tight slap i say said...

Yo Mahesh.. i mean.. wassup!
i'll slap you b@#4h! dont mock the mumbai indians
just the way i slapped that crybaby sree..
dont mess with me.. monkey.. i meant to say.. maa ki.. !!!

harbhajan "bhajji" sings

narendra shenoy said...

HaHaHa Enjoyed! LOL at Loots, Ronchi and Pinal.The other kind of Indians have interesting names too. Sitting bull. Running Deer. Growling bear. If some of the less classy joke sites are to be believed, Two Dogs Fucking. Broken condom.


broken condom in india is called nirodh patel

Anonymous said...

or is that nirodh fatel

Anonymous said...

or is that nirodh fatel

??! said...

Ok, kHatri (with a K, which is how it's written) actually means "informer" in Indian police-lingo.

Yuppie said...

"also there's one fool named Napoleon Einstein. seriously." - Nice

"then my favourite twosome Shadab Jakati and Yo Mahesh. i predict the following incident taking place sometime soon on a cricket field near you.

"YO mahesh!"
"shaddup dude!"
bitch slap. booo hooooo."- Awesome !

narendra shenoy said...



nirodh fatel is hilarious! I hope one turns up in the IPL.

kavitha said...

Khatri also means scissors,no?

Ajinkya...hilarious! idea could be from word verification too.

Bikerdude said...

Why ppl are rand-randomly pasting text from your post?

Ajjin kya! OMG! Do you know what that means in Kannada! Hope the poor sod never has to play in this state!

dev said...

@ narenda shenoy..
thank you ri,
by the by... i see that you have classy politican's name.. you want tikit from malleshwarama?

vote for BJP!
shake what your maama gave you..

frissko said...

Napolean Einstein is a boy from Tamil Nadu. Please be nice to boy from Tamil Nadu. Particularly if you are from Bangalore land. Otherwise Rajini uncle might not like it. Thank you.

tgfi said...

ajinkya means one who cannot be won over. its marathi. please mind it. naahi tar fodun taakel

vivek said...

i've never seen anyone so crazy about cricket(i'm referin to one of your first posts on this blog). apart from me that is. i feel like hugging u.

penu said...

join the line i say. what is this?
we are waiting to hug the writer of this artistic blog.


whine and cheese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ifthen Whiletruekar, a name ?

-Baby V (& Puppy M?)

Karan said...

Um, what if this vivek is the same as your famous crow friend?

Will you still hug him back? :p

Anonymous said...

YAY for hug fest! forget IPL, entertainment begins here.

vivek said...

artistic blog?? are u sure?

Pri said...

vivek: aww so sweet. hug.

karen: dont be a bitch.

baby v: maybe. *giggle*

penile shah: kindly maintain one arm's distance at all times. thank you for your attention to this matter.

doctor didi: huh? you're going to hit me with a pillow?

frisco: bwahahahahaa. he's desi? that makes it way funnier.

bikerdude: i dont know pa and yes thanks to you now i know.

kavitha: ess ess. correkt.

other peoples: hehe. very good. im tired now. i cant do anymore individual comment replies. dont hate me.