Saturday, April 05, 2008

what a life

On 4/5/08, Karan **r**i <karan**r**> wrote:>
so i'm driving to pondy for some hopefully awesome breakfast tomorrow. Taking the beach route via kerala. Fully excited. Should be back for monday dinner.


Karan said...

What an asshole.

I'm so j.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i hate karan

frissko said...

'beach route via kerala' to get to pondy does not make sense. Kerala's coast is on the west and pondy lies on the east coast. Either Karan is geographically challenged or he/she thinks you are, so dint bother to explain the route :) (beach route via chennai or cuddalore to pondy is more like it).

khal said...

What does fully excited mean?

kavitha said...

lol @ khal's koschen.

khal said...

Pri, Pri, pliss to tell.

Now it is very aroused. My curiosity, silly.

Pri said...

khal: i think you just answered your own question fool but just to be sure i will consult with karen when he gets back from his food trip.

frissko: i guess karen has some explaining to do.

tgfi: hey! be nice. he's adorable. hairy but adorable.

karen: explain bitch.

??! said...

Now there's a Karen also? Fully confusing this is.

khal said...

I think Karen = Karan. That's jusht Pri's amreekan accent. In print.

Pri said...

??! yeah we're still undecided on the gender issue in this particular case. tests are being conducted as we speak.

Karuna said...

did it ever occur to you that karan of the hairy kind may not be going to pondy after all..
he must fakin the trip to garner some popularity. :P
its all a scam i tell ya
M.Karuna " cauvery water is ours" nidhi
Dravidamapuza madurai kamachi kaangress CEO,

catchmineifucan said...

and... IM BACK!!