Sunday, March 02, 2008


today, being a saturday, was a short day. dayum watch me punctuate! i awoke around oh 4 ish. yes that would qualify as evening.

today, the first of the month meant i got to throw out my contact lenses and put new ones in. i rip my contact lenses up at the end of every month and put them in the trash. i am very satisfied after this ceremony. yes i might need to see someone about that.

today chamki emailed me this lovely picture of mrs. keller. i am most excited that parts of my post made it to her page. aah the internet. one day i see a crazy lady and i write about her while im on my lunch break and two days later someone has drawn her, hideous hair and all. im an inspiration to artists everywhere.

today mother brought me back a present from her trip to the supermarket. a newspaper with obama's face on the front page. the title of the article read obama and me.

i read the article, scanned through the rest of the paper, was easily scandalised by all the hooker ads and then proceeded to rest my ass on the couch for the rest of the evening, only getting up to do laundry and get more refrigerated kit kat, the best kind. while i watched cnn, snl, jimmy kimmel's tribute to jimmy kimmel and part of the soup my brother started and finished an obama sketch for me copying the picture from the newspaper. he claims it isn't done yet. it looks close enough to me but since he still insists on working on it i told him he might want to widen the smile a little more. that's me, such an inspiration to artists everywhere.

today my dad called at the fall of the third australian wicket to check if i was watching. we then discussed all the different types of cameras he would be taking on his trip to the holy land. i asked what he'd bring me. he said um a cross? a rosary? i tried not to laugh too loud. you want to be careful about these things. i remember one time brown jacket uncle gave me this religious book. it was before i left for the states. he came over to my house and lectured me about america. said i needed to be careful about getting influenced by its evil culture. i remember thinking too late old man, nodding and taking the book from him. the book i left behind in my room of course. the book my dad later discovered i hadn't taken with me. he was pissed. oh well.

today i cleaned out my car. oh did you know i now cant open my door anymore? at least not from the outside. i have to either leave the window open so i can reach in and use the handle from the inside or i have to crawl in from the other side through the door that does open. this doesn't help in the mornings when im always late and trying to decide between a trip to starbucks and drying my hair.

i guess today wasn't as uneventful as i originally thought. i have clean underwear now so im good at least for a couple of weeks. plus my car doesn't look like a garbage truck anymore. in fact it looks like a normal car. until you try to open it.

p.s. as much as i love obama i cant get myself to finish his book in one stretch. not with 'me talk pretty one day' sitting right next to it, all blue green and inviting. the only reason i bought this book by the way - the cover. so far i have decided that i can in fact judge a book by its cover.

p.p.s. don't hate me but im having second thoughts about doing the tag[s].

so, what did you do today?

tgfi: today's title okay with you?

for anyone who has problems with my punctuation let me just say this. at least you don't have to receive emails from me from my phone. i have yet to discover where the full stop button it and all my emails end up being one big sentence. ask karen.


frissko said...

who is the winner?
chamki or the biker?
or will you be miss nice
and let them share the first prize

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

good job on tital and punctuation! you go PRI!

and i found naked only funny in parts. tell me how this one is.


ggop said...

I like Sedaris and his dark humor. Me talk Pretty One Day is one of his best works.

La vida Loca said...

Thought u had a blackberry pearl?

Anonymous said...

entha hotness i say.

moody crab said...

easily scandalasied by the hooker ads.. hahahaha...

moody crab said...

btw, i loved the title of your previous post.. :D

~vagabond~ said...

I've been lurking around on your blog reading all the goofy things you have to say...vot a sense of humor, verrry verry phunny. :P Right. Am done reading 'today'. Will come back to read 'tomorrow'. You are writing one about tomorrow arent you? And the day after. And there after. *rubbing my hands in glee* This is like a novel that goes on and on...

Bikerdude said...

Ohoho full competisona? No no not allowed, deadline is wover.
Besides, mine is in colour and leaves NOTHING to the imagination, so I win thanking you yours sincerely.

Pri said...

frissco: i am actually waiting for one more entry. puppyjee/baby jee anyone listening?

la vida loca: i do. it writes my sentences for me which i appreciate tremendously. NOT! i havent found the fullstop key though.

bikerdude: um i said draw. you did something on ms paint so you are automatically disqualified.

mcangsty: oh look who's back!!

vagabond: awww look at you being all nice. what do you want? no i will not change my non existant vote.

La vida Loca said...

'OP' key has the full stop (below the end call button)
To use it press the shift key = those weird looking arrow like key on the bottom left corner and the OP button. And voila!

Bikerdude said...

wtf!! Full ladies to ladies siding this is called. I also drew only I say, what you thought by magic such pictures will come aa? Much tougher to draw with mouse and all ok. Plus just because I dont have full artful talent, fancy handmade paper and scanner and all doesnt mean I don't qualify. So I win, Hi Gundumani.