Saturday, March 01, 2008

beta swaeter pehno

some lady at work gave me two tickets to the houston ballet. i took it because it was free and you dont not take free stuff. i wasn't seriously planning on going but then she came back to double check if i was and i was like well ill have to ask mother if she's interested. that seemed to really delight her. now i realise if i do go i might have to sit next to her during the entire show which would mean

1. i would need to converse with her


2. that would automatically make us friends. after all we'd have been to the ballet together. i don't think i like her enough for that. or at all.

anyway i made the mistake of showing the tickets to mother and of course she's dying to go. now brother and me have a big decision to make. neither of us wants to go see a fucking ballet but we don't know how to suggest she take gaysin.

gaysin was here earlier today along with his mommy dearest. he asked if we wanted to go watch a movie. brother was like yeah we were planning to go watch and before he could say 'vantage point' gaysin was like "the other boleyn girl???". of course he'd pick that to go see. in case you haven't heard of it, it stars that hot bana boy and natalie portman and scarlet johanson's boobs, not that the boobs would be important criteria in gaysin's choice of movie. eventually we ended up scrapping the idea because mother decided it was late and getting dark. it was 6:30! then mother also decided this was a good time to pull out her collection of letters to her sister. ones she wrote between the years of 1972 and 1980 bc or something. she recently unearthed these letters and she's been reading them non stop ever since. the pages are all yellow and they make that weird noise thin typewrite paper from the seventies make. she recited random paragraphs from the letters for us stopping every now and then to give us background story. something about brother using his pocket money to buy gaysin sweets and bonda at school and one about gaysin dressing up as little bo peep for some type of competition. at this same event brother apparently wore banana leaves and went as adam from adam and eve. gaysin got all giggly remembering the good old days. he sighed and threw his hands up in the air every time mother read something he remembered. very entertaining evening was had.

p.s. brother has been here a month now. he insists american water has too much chlorine and now only drinks bottled water. thank you bwssb.


Carved Garnet said...

Pri!! Disaster has struck our wonderful school, he he.

I think I was made to do mean things like this esp. by Joshua and Mrs. Martin and all. Read read. Came in the B'lore times!!

shub said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Your brother is brilliant! reverse snobbery, I like!

La vida Loca said...

So finally who went to the ballet?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

plis to explain relation of tital to post. if no such relation exists, plis to change tital.

thank you

work in progress said...

Hi Pri,
;) so, who did see the ballet? gaysin?

Pri said...

noella: thanks for telling everyone what school we went to. eh who cares? but omg that ramprasad must be ninety by now. im surprised it wasnt d'souza though. remember that bitch?

everyone who wants to know: no one went to the ballet.

tgfi: wot your problem IS?

Pri said...

noella: um since when is your blog sicrit? send invite NOW!!

Carved Garnet said...

Ever since Prof. Higgins and I broke up for the 7th time .. Erm.. I've lost count, must be heap loads more. Just, in a difficult phase. It's obsessive and soppy and depressing as of now. I need to get over this phase and then open it out to the public again.
Please to be bearing with me. =)

Anonymous said...

beta swaeter pehno was a biscut..thoo

Anonymous said...

that's not chlorine, that's mercury.

Bikerdude said...

Gaaahahaha loving the random title of blog. Was my favourite ad when it came out