Tuesday, March 04, 2008

they're all done? no way!!

india has just won the second odi and the tri series thereby cutting short an away series some* would call too short.

*some = no one i know

when they started this tour it was late fall. it is now spring. that's three seasons out of a total of four. the fact that it remained summer in australia the whole time doesn't count. we have changed calender years. it is now lent. okay you get my point.

discoveries of the longest tour in the history of mankind - this thing that kinda grows on you and that rohit sharma. damn that boy is ugly and gives terrible interviews. but what a stunning batsman. you go kiddo!! and big hug to sachin. it took you 40 years but you finally showed us you could make a match winning hundred in the second innings of a big final. the other ninety was a cool bonus too. don't take me seriously. i love you. not as much as dada though and im still pissed they sent him home. i still maintain the bcci made a huge mistake sending vvs and dada home. they were just lucky this series was long enough for our baby team to hit puberty and thereby pull off a win.

i feel old.

did i mention i'm sick? i have a big cold. but here i am, at work, sulking.

p.s. congratulations to our under 19 team as well. they won the world cup!! i tell you one day we will actually win the world cup we want.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

Aww, feel better you. And *hug*

And also, hmpf. Why have I not been invited to your sicrit blog? Double hmpf.

The Bride said...

It was incredibly long no? We don't get the cricket here so I kept having people messaging me saying 'sachin just did this', 'bhajji just did that' and I'm like um are we still playing there? Nevertheless, ended up watching 'highlights' on youtube yesterday,

Bikerdude said...

Horty congrajulation. Thank god they won otherwise full self suide you would have committed off I think- and more importantly written long sob story in various font sizes.

Verryyy good.

khal said...

but i like long sob stories in various font sizes.

freespirit said...

Oh and the under 19 chaps won the series in Malaysia and the sports page had the picture of this cute boy who I later found out was the captain holding the trophy above his head in front of the Petronas twin towers. U want for your scrap book?

Silvara said...

awesome game and STILL 30-something degree days

narendra shenoy said...

I know I'm going to get killed for saying this but isn't T a bit over-rated? Others score a century and we go "Rather nice, that knock, a bit chancey but quite what the situation demanded" or words to that effect, but T has everyone foaming at the mouth with superlatives.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr Shenoy: he does get a lot of praise, but quite often he deserves it. he's not quite at his best now, and that century was definitely not among his most dominating but it is number 42.