Thursday, March 06, 2008

because i'm bored and pictures of celebrities have been known to increase stats


christian siriano - he just won project runway and he's only 21! we're hardly surprised. also to get that kind of reaction from posh, you know he has to be good. did you see her swoon during the finale? other reasons we can't help but love him - he says fierce and bitches every 2 seconds. and have you seen him skip?


hillary clinton

this one has the scary eyes. also i think her suit, necklace and lipstick [always bright red or burnt orange] combos might be turning me colour blind. disco was sobbing all of yesterday when he realised she's never going away.


nancy grace

gaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this one gives me nightmares. her favourite topic in the entire world is natalie holloway. she'll find a way to mention her name every 7 minutes.


jon stewart*

not all men are adorable when they giggle. this one is. did anyone watch him on larry king a couple of weeks ago? genius.


conan o'brien - funniest red haired giant ever! and even though it was probably one of his writers who came up with it 'bunjee jumping baby jesus' is by far the funniest character i have ever seen on national tv and he deserves credit for letting them air it. did anyone see the take over ceremony where raul castro rabbit dj took over from fidel castro rabbit dj as official rabbit dj on the show?


lewis black [he's getting his own show on comedy central soon wooo hooo!!!] funniest when he is truly mad. best known for his bursts of anger, finger pointing and starbucks jokes. favourite topic - dick cheney's hobbies.


craig ferguson
does a mean prince charles impression. one of his many talents. former drunk. switches between being gay and straight during his monologues.

the end.

well apparently i only like men who can make me laugh and extremely talented gay guys. what's new?

p.s. anyone know when all the shows will be back on? it's been two weeks since the writers have been back no?

* made it to my do list [see side bar]


Anonymous said...

Two things: Check out project rungay for fabulously bitchy gays' commentary on PR:

And considering you liked Christian you'll enjoy this Walkoff:

Anonymous said...

thank you for ruining Project Runway for me. When it does EVENTUALLY reach the UK I will know EXACTLY who wins.

I hope you're happy. (I bet you are.)

And I heart Hillary. Doesn't she get enough flak from the media? Leave her alone.


vim said...

was sulking in office when someone suggested ur blog.. just one word for posts "awesome"... made my day especially "love in tokyo" and "the soulmate don't exist" thingy... keep going...

Anonymous said...

please please bump up gym boy to the top of your do it now!

Anonymous said...

I lovvvvvve Jon Stewart. It's a shame he got married. He hadn't for so long that i was almost convinced he was gay. Crap, one of da better ones lost to the straight party!!

sepulchritude said...

Sacrilege! It's "Jon", not "John". The missing "h" adds a touch of class.

ggop said...

I don't know - Jillian had a very strong collection too. But I just knew Posh would love Princess Puffysleeves.

Hillary comparing Obama Ken Starr is annoying lot of people. Its clear she is interested in her victory and not a Democratic party victory. She's sucking upto McCain even though the guy called Chelsea so ugly because she the child of Janet Reno and Hillary.

So yeah, the negativity in her campaign outweighs Obama's campaign.

Art said...

Lewis Black officially proved the universe goes full circle, when he found a starbucks opposite a starbucks. In Houston.

~vagabond~ said...

Yay! *screaming like a giddy cheerleader* "I love you, Conan!!!"
Now that you even have some looney fans in the audience, you're sure to increase your stats. ;)

narendra shenoy said...
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k said...

Why does the person above read your blog?

narendra shenoy said...


Pri said...

why did u delete it fool??

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

put post ya what waste you're doing

Anonymous said...

oh this thing is still up?

what ever happened to ze tag, madame?

Karan said...

Thu nonsense. Update.

Roop Rai said...

gotta luv luv luv john stewart!! :)) are you in denver? cuz desipundit said houston. ;)

Bikerdude said...

Eh whats this all full amru ppls you have put. Nobody I am knowing except bug eye Clinti and that o'brien fellow who i will flip channel as soon as I see.

Full serious comments and all have come off I can see. John alvanthe Jon anthe. 'Aloogadde-Alugedde'. Yaar appan gant hoythu.