Wednesday, March 12, 2008


creepy old man in hat: green is a good colour on you.

thank you.

oooh!! what kind of perfume do you have on?

it's some type of lotion i think.

really? it's so enticing.

um okay.

[sniffing] it's magical you know?


it's overcoming.


it's a magic in itself.

trying not to barf: OKAY!!

THIS at a time in the day when i am drinking office coffee. lukewarm office coffee.

i want to kill old men everywhere!!


Renovatio said...

Dood, give them a fake license and tell them to drive. Problem solves itself.

ggop said...


khal said...

hmm.. maybe you were wearing that blouse that he thought you were probably some ninety year old hottie?? he he he

vim said...

maybe u cud have gifted him a lil bit of ur mazic perfume and green panties to return the compliments... :p

Ashwin said...


Er why do people wear hats in offices?

shub said...

you attract all sorts.

Heh, like the to do list! Dermot Mulroney!:D

Anonymous said...

you have my vote, if you're planning to run for office on the 'kill old people' platform

Carved Garnet said...

My blog is secret no more!! =)

kavitha said...

show them your pretty shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

btw, nobody did the 'no country for old men' joke?


Bikerdude said...

Hit him with your aunty purse next time. And if it doesnt work use zircon encrusted chappal to take out eye (or cataract) depending on whether you want to be nice to him or not.