Tuesday, January 15, 2008

it makes the work day go by so much faster when you know you can go home to cricket :)

it's cricket time again yay! if you're not into it i would probably skip this blog for the next five days. err make that two and a half days. it's perth.

for everyone else:

yay veeru's in! and we finally won a toss. and we're batting first??? at perth? oh dear. it's so sad that our pace line up starts and stops with ishanth sharma and r.p.singh especially on this sort of a wicket. where's my zak and irfi and sreesanth? sniff. also why is that jaffer still in the team? what is karthik for? oh i know, he's for when dhoni has a bad hair day. also we're thrilled that bucknor was sent packing but in his place we have another one of our favourite umpires 'asad rauf'. ugh! ooh and good sense has prevailed and kumble has supposedly scrapped the "captain's pact" or whatever the hell that nonsense deal was called. thank god!

anyway i was just talking to superstarska and we were both ranting about the timing of the third test. not that it came after the second or that the break was too long but that it starts so bloody late. anyway i was like remember last time in perth when irfi broke that poor zimbabwean kid's head and he was like wait, you don't mean the same guy who went on to burn down the building and i was like boy what the hell are you talking about which is when he showed me this and OMG! i had no idea. i mean i remember that incident happening. irfi was brand new and trying to show off in front of his idol wasim akram who happened to be in the espn - star commentary team back then and was very sweetly helping young irfi. i cant believe that one incident led to all of this other weird stuff. it says and i quote:

"Mark Vermeulen's life and career changed forever on January 20, 2004, when he was struck a sickening blow on the head by Irfan Pathan during Zimbabwe's VB Series campaign in Australia. Two-and-a-half erratic years later, in October 2006, he was arrested after setting fire to the offices of the Harare Sports Club and the National Academy, but pleaded not guilty at his subsequent trial in January 2008, on the grounds that he had been suffering psychiatric problems, including partial complex epilepsy, ever since the injury."

edited at 1:11 - turns out irfi is playing. my bad.

dayum! a whole entire session without a wicket? fabulous! jammy must've taken some sort of birthday vow.

err does anyone know why bhajji is sitting on some random man's lap? who is this random man and why is he being allowed into the dressing room?

this has got to be the shot of the day. so easy. so much fun!

day 2: we're very disappointed with the batting. as usual it's the case of what could have been but cut to us fielding and woooo hoooo!!! go irfi. go irfi. go irfi!

heh the umpire just called ponting a good "hooker". heh. yes i'm bored. the boys must've had a good lunch. they're lazying around the useless fools.


Anonymous said...

shame shame...puppy shame....all the monkeys know dada's name....only 9 runs..!
shame shame..puppy shame..!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

wat men pri. atleast put one post on gaysin or bitchy coworkers for my types.

La vida Loca said...

why i say dicso is still fasting?

CrazyDiamond said...

whatever happened to the cricket controversies...I want them back. These compromises disturb me.

Anonymous said...

finally a completely good day for India in australia. if it wasnt for bucknor, we might have actually won this damn series!!

of course now that i have said this, i need to find a way to anti-jinx the team. AGGGHHH

Pri said...

if it wasn't for bucknor we would've won the last series we played in australia as well. we needed 4 wkts on that last day and the fool shut down every appeal because he was too busy writing little complain notes about an
over eager sixteen year old - parthiv patel.

I love Lucy said...

and you are back!

I love Lucy said...

oh,and feed the damn fish already!
sathu swaraga ne seridhe aa fish-u paapa.all because of that fool bucknor.

Anonymous said...

also, that totally sucks about the zimbabwean dude...

and what did they smoke today that they are collapsing like a deck of cards?

Rohan said...

"it makes the work day go by so much faster when you know you can go home to cricket :)"

*Teary-eyed smile.