Thursday, January 17, 2008

where we tell you what to eat and what to watch because really who else will do this for you?

omg i have totally discovered the awesomest food combination ever! peanuts and mushroom. not like plain or raw but like mixed in with good chinese food. here's how the discovery happened. i came home to discover mother hadn't cooked. she refuses to talk to me. apparently she's been mad at me all week. who knew? so i call the new chinese food place who just yesterday had dropped off some menus at my door. it's like it was fate or something. i order kung pao chicken and black pepper chicken and then i do the whole can you make it really really spicy. then i do the lie. one must alway lie about having ordered the same exact dish the previous week. say how you were very upset because it wasn't even close to being spicy and go on and on until the person taking the order is insulted enough to make sure the chef pours all kinds of peppers and sauce all over your food. works every time. so having accomplished my mission i wait. for forty five minutes! i know. like it's freakin 1964. i almost didn't tip but then the man at the door was freezing and he was like i'm so sorry and he had this adorable chinese mustache all droopy on the sides and how often do you get to see real live people like that at your door so i tipped and then the magic happened. some of the mushrooms from the black pepper chicken got mixed with the peanuts from the kung pao chicken and oh my god it was incredible. if you cant cook to save your life and your mother or who ever you depend on for food wont talk to you, you know what to do. and no you cant order it without the chicken. black pepper vegetable is not the same thing and we're animal friendly on this blog. see fish on right for proof. by the way that website i use to kill and order new discos is being a bitch so until i'm able to figure out whats wrong we're stuck with fasting disco. don't be sad now.

now that we've discussed food we need to talk tv. this new show cashmere mafia. have you seen it? do you love it? they're calling it the new sex in the city. i don't think it's sex in the the city at all. i've never been very big on sex in the city. get it? big? i always thought he was very gross plus that sjp is kinda like kathy griffin, without the funny. anyway lucy liu is in cashmere mafia and we heart her. she's fabulous. no really. lucy liu, kimora lee simmons, stacy london and kate walsh [from before they kicked her off grey's anatomy] should be in some sort of fabulousity club. ill watch any show these women are in, especially to see what they're wearing. alright i have to go watch our boys kick ass in perth. muah.


moody crab said...

'cashmere mafia'.. nice name... :)what about american idol season 7? read somewhere that the viewership has gone down substantially...

rads said...

Really? cashmere is good eh? hmm.. there was a review that wasn't too encouraging.
Thanks for the tip on take-out. Shall use it on Sunday. Apparently we're gonna be snowed in.

That logically should mean that I cook, but I refuse.

* i hate openId* or whatever this whole new login thingy is. This is my 3rd time posting. thank heavens for copy paste!

La vida Loca said...

Cashmere mafua is good, really?
Ok I'll check it out and give u feed back.

Janefield said...

i can't even see disco now. that part of the page is blank. but thanks for the update. i've been fasting (well not quite but atleast i thot abt it) to keep him company.

Art said...

Kimora lee simmons is the shit. No, I mean she IS shit. Anyone who hosts MTV Cribs has to be.

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