Tuesday, December 18, 2007

links, clutches, stuff that will kill you and movie endings. can you tell i make these titles up randomly just before i hit publish?

is there some sort of rule to ordering pizza in texas? like are there certain special places to only order from? is there a secret password i need to tell them when i call? a 'dont kill me' coupon maybe? because dear lord the pizza's here are greasy. like cardiac arrrest greasy. i normally get dominos. and they're usually decent. at least in colorado they were. but today my pizza looked like it had been deep fried in buffalo lard. plus apparently they don't do chicken.
who doesn't do chicken?
so all i got was this mushroom pizza and i couldnt even make it through one slice. i ended up having to eat just the mushrooms. and those are good. but im not paying fifteen dollars to pick mushrooms off of a plate of grease. those things need to come with a warning: side effects included bloating, death etc...
so, does anyone know where i can order a regular pizza? something that wont kill me the same night i eat it. anyone?

also i asked y'all to help me with links for desi pundit. either that or update your damn blogs!
this past week i have had to resort to reading new blogs that are so bad, it's not even funny. cat stories. seriously! and how married people spend their weekends. and some fool reviewing lagaan. didnt that release like in the last century?dude, people are BORING! yeah. also lame and unimaginitive. and dull. i wanted to link to this post and be like um is this dude for real? and this one which is very interesting but i have no idea wtf it's supposed to be, which makes me think it's brilliant but see these wont work. i need desipunditable pieces. so email me. oh and dont send me people who are featured on desi pundit everyday. we're not doing that. also no recipes. we're not forty. something fun and smart. and original.

ooh if you're looking for a fun clutch/longish wallet type thing go to aldo. they have this adorable yellow wallet. also a super fun red one. see. i bought this one in bronze. isnt it pwetty? oh but their shoes are ugly. so skip those.

also to the people who emailed me to ask if i was suicidal or something after reading my last post the answer is NO! fool. its christmas! which fool would kill themself right before a festival with lots of presents? also it was a flash back post. for those of you who didnt get it, i was having a bad day. dropping lotsa stuff. then i was sleepwalking and staring into space. then this one smell reminded me of my last trip to bangalore and everything after that was a flashback. so calm down. jeez.

ooh also i just saw the new madhavan movie 'evano oruvan'. very nice. makes you kinda sad though. i cant believe he dies at the end. oops.
alright i have to go. boston legal is about to start. thank god there's like one new show atleast this week. i am sick of repeats!

p.s. lookey! fashion contest here.

p.p.s. so i finally found something funny that i was going to desipundit when i realised wait a minute this person isnt even desi. damn it!


anantha said...

I have been wanting to ask you for the past few weeks. Does disco have a theme song? If not, can I suggest one? :D

Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

@ pri avare...
Y dont u try those IYENGAARI PIZZAS with VOGGARANE that u get in all the IYENGAARI bakery's in and arnd banglore...!???
:P :P

frissko said...

shit!...did you have to spell out "Evano oruvan's" ending?...yea it's your blog and all that..but tchch...

-someone who holds tkts for t'rrow's "Evano Oruvan" show

Bikerdude said...

Can you please snap out of your gold-silver-bronze-amrikan-diamond purse and chappal fix? Please?
Whats wrong with you woman!

Dusty Fog said...

Thank you for giving away the 'evano oruvan' piece...!!!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Shoes from Aldo's aren't that bad. I thought this was pretty in a hipster sort of way and the color is lovely. And its on sale for about 40 bucks. That always makes anything more attractive IMO. Almost. :P

On a completely unrelated note, did you watch the finale of A Shot at Love? It depressed the hell out of me. :(

Anonymous said...

i had the priviledge of watching first cut of evano oruvans first cut with maddy (yes i call him that) himself. it is copy of marathi film Dombivili Express..

RBR said...

So.. lemme get this right..
you buy a new clutch, new shoes, new clothes to sit at home , order dominoes and BLOG???
dayum.. u living the indian dream !


RBR... said...

sorry.. u also watch all the shows on tv!

Pri said...

anantha: yes yes please suggest one. he likes anything shiny.

Nikhil: wattay brilliant idea boss. here's the thing though. i cant cook and there is no iyengar bakery here. and if there was i wouldnt be eating pizza i'd be eating honey cake and pista ice cream with wooden stick. ooh also tapioca chips. and that weird puff type thing. mmmmmmmmmmm

frissko: like i said - OOPS!
also i might've been lying.
or not.

Bikerjee [jee begaas you are now elderly person after celebrating your 40th huttida habba]:
wat your problem IS? disco and i both love shiny.

Dusty Fog said: no problem!

twip: i didnt watch it. damn eet! i will check youtube. but you know what finale i did watch? america's most smartest model. awesome!

Anonymous: lucky you. and i know its a remake. the same dude made it though. in another language.

RBR: is this the real rbr? jaaneman where have u been?
and i used my clutch. i wore it to the office christams party. i didnt spill anything on it. nope. not even ketchup.

Amodini said...

Let's not diss Texas - haven't you seen the "Don't mess with Texas" thingy on the roadsides ? As far as Pizza goes, try Pepperoni's - they do do chicken.

Anonymous said...

Star Pizza and Sarpino's - awesome!!
and there's of course the CPK and NYP (the restaurants, not the grocery's freezer section) :)

Renovatio said...

Dood, the clutch thingie that connects to the clutch plate is called a clutch wire, even though it's totally a cable. It's thick and stuff.

Pri said...

amodini: the name is only Pepperoni's aa? rama rama!

anon: wat be it this ckp and nyp?

reno: thu nim ajji! this clutch is different. is like leddis purse. shiny not greasy. for putting important objects like lipeeshteek mint, starbucks card, emergency chilli flakes etc..

Anonymous said...

California Pizza Kitchen and New York Pizzeria..
.. Star Pizza is a houston local favourite..try it out..you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

California Pizza Kitchen and New York Pizzeria..
.. Star Pizza is a houston local favourite..try it out..you'll love it!

Amodini said...

I kid you not - Pepperoni's is a Texas only pizza chain, and they know their pizza. Also Sbarro although there are only a few down South.

anantha said...

Pri: Does disco love six packs?

Anonymous said...

In useless but related news, the boy with the blog about gate clogging at chinnaswamy stadium has put up the lyrics to wavin' flag, among other posts on how-they-make-world cup-futball? video and alternative parking strategies in Budapest.

Orrey the paduthals.

Pri, I think you are all about the awesomeness and I am totally minimising dissertation related files to read the awesomeness that you write about. Pliss to slighta return. Mikka Nandris. (Yes i said Many thanks. Go ahead and smirk)