Thursday, November 08, 2007

a substitute diwali

if one is too tired to drive to the indian store one can always go to the store closest to one's house with an international food section. however one may have to substitute diyas with candles and the gajar ka halwa mix with a cadbury crunch. of course there's always the canned gulab jamuns but everyone knows those are gross. plus the cadbury crunch is made in india. one knows this because it was overpriced and in the indian section of the store.
also if one is unable to "burst crackers" a good option is to add some freshly washed [read wet] vegetables to a pot of hot oil. lots of sparkles. and flames and fun.

to celebrate this festive season i have a new crush. on this boy.


it's fall!!! we like fall. i can finally wear my sweaters. i love sweaters. who doesn't love sweaters? plus i can finally paint my nails deep red again without offending the fashion people.


in life's other troubles i recently ordered some cds online. yes because i still use cd technology. and they tried to deliver it and apparently it wouldn't fit in my mail box so instead they left me a post card. i hate that. now i have to go to the damn post office and god only knows where that is and attempt to collect it. but they might not have it at that time because the mailman might be out attempting to deliver it to my house again in which case he will be met at the door again by NO ONE. and this ridiculousness will continue three more times after which they will return the cds to the sender. also that hypothetical situation of me going to the post office is only that. it's hypothetical. because i work during postal hours damn it. doesn't everybody? this is so ridiculous. and why does one need a box for four cds anyway? why not just use a big envelope? something that will fit in people's mailboxes. even people's apartment mailboxes. now im thinking for future such situations i could always use the office address but i kinda hate my new job and i don't know how long ill stay with this company. plus i haven't seen anyone else receiving personal parcels at work. im sure its okay and all. its just that im the new girl. i have to behave and pretend to be all professional. so im thinking of using my neighbour's address. my contact lenses were delivered to her apartment by mistake and she delivered them promptly to my house. maybe ill just do that.


p.s if anyone is interested in a maine pyaar kiya trivia challenge type quiz thing then visit the comment section here. oh and i'm currently winning.


p.p.s is anyone interested in going to a diwali double release dhamaka event with me this weekend? one would have to dress shiny.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Happy Diwali! Am making dem gulab jamuns right now. want some? :p

yes, the whole rigmarole of picking stuff up from the post office is really retarded! you voiced my thoughts exactly!

Beth said...

Oh how I love the idea of dressing shiny, even though I'm not good at this.

I'm totally with you on sweaters. You'll like this, I think:

KayB said...

diwali double release dhamaka??? what de hell is that? and you go for such things??? like you need an excuse to dress shinny!!!
i'd come but i dont have anything shinny! Sorry!!!

CurlyGirlie said...

I just want to know which one did u go to see first? OSO or Saawariya?

TS said...

Rajiv Masand has trashed S and is singing praises for OSO. Definite payoff there.

But OSO should be fun, watching it with family tomorrow.

Hope you had a HAPPY Diwali!

Karan said...
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Bikerdude said...

What a lovely- deewolly dabbul dhamaka in the form of two posts. Kongaraju relations.

Pri said...

@tgfi: stop it! u always lie about sending me sweets! u never do. sniff.

@beth: awww that's adorable.

@kb: im talking about the movies fool and i made the name up.

@curlygirlie: i wasn't sure. i happened to watch oso first.

@ts: thanks fool. i did. sort of.