Saturday, November 10, 2007

Om Shanti Om

i LOVE this movie. LOVE IT! its crazy and colourful and so much fun. and filmy. crazy filmy. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

dude that akshay kumar scene is brilliant!!

and i dont know how they did this but the subtitles for all the lyrics rhymed. i didn't notice this until my mum pointed it out. every song translated into english word for word just happend to rhyme. and deepika isnt a terrible actress! thank god. and the big star song. so much fun. kajol got the loudest cheer until salman khan showed up. the theater went crazy. and that shilpa shetty's body has got to be named one of the seven wonders of the world. it's ridiculous!

earlier today when i told mother we were gonna go watch a movie she was like "who's in it?" and i said shahrukh and deepika padukone and she goes "where have i seen her before?" which is when i normally say "oh that movie ma, remember the one you liked. with all the crying. you really liked her in it" and this usually works. i've realised if i want mother to go watch a movie with me it needs to star someone who has made her cry before. shahrukh helps too. she likes him. this time when she said "where have i seen her before?" i said "umm sports day?" cause deepika went to my school. and my college actually. i was her senior *gasp* only by a year but whatever. this is me bragging y'all that i went to the same school and college as someone famous but y'all already got that. right?

ooh and i loved the last part when the credits were rolling with all the spot boys and cameramen. and farah in the beginning and the end. and shabana azmi protesting whatever the hell she was protesting. and the fake sooraj bharjatiya. and kiron kher when she scares poor arjun rampal who is totally hot as the bad guy. you just have to pretend he doesn't have a mustache.



White Magpie said...

I have to watch it yet..I hope its being played somewhere in NY..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

u saw in thayter? i wanna go see desi fillum in thayter.

Renovatio said...

Shahrukh uncle is scary with abs.

Beth said...

I noticed the rhyming subtitles about halfway through and agree that they rock. What a nice touch! And if you liked Akshay's scene, look at this: Hee hee!

once again said...

:) en a rascalla !

Silvara said...

heheh i agree with all - esp the abs comment - hot until I saw the no NO! But deepika is pretty with a pretty dimple :)

TS said...

I thought the movie was QUITE overdone and in most parts, A DRAG.

Akki was SUPER, stole the movie in one scene!

The mind it SCENE was also bloody hilarious.

Maybe I was expecting TWO much, you know with the reincarnation and stuff.

The STAR song was awesome too.

Krish Ashok said...

Pri ji,
Please to be refunding Rs.180 (90 x 2) - cost of 2 tickets to OSO for tomorrow, as your post has revealed critical plot details

Pri said...

@krish attack: wateetees this nonsense? before seeing pichaar vonly u r asking for refund. and r u being sarcastic or were u referring to the so and so is the bad guy part?

Broom said...

ummmmmmmmmm right!

Broom said...

ummmmmmmmm right!

Broom said...

now we're even.

shub said...

lol @ Broom. Think I'll join her in going ummmmmmmmmmm right! And I haven't even watched the movie! :P

Nil iN dA HeaD said...

heeeey... she was my senior in college :) and even i went about bragging that she's from my college and that i know her to my friends and family (though actually i don't know her know her per say.. still the respect level goes up as now they know tht i know famous celebrities) ~*smirk*~ :)

khal said...

Oh my god, I just finished watching this movie twenty minutes ago. (And I got it on your bharosa).

Loved it. Thanks. :)

srk said...

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600 crunches per day
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thank you come again.

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