Saturday, November 03, 2007


Alright it is time to reveal the answers to the quiz. By the by you all sucked big time. Of course i appreciate those who took the time to take this lame quiz. To everyone else katti.

1. what former pet did i accidentally eat?

that would be my duck. i had made friends with it and then one day they cooked it. they being my family. apparently the whole point of bringing it home was to fatten it and eventually eat it but see no one had told me. it was my friend. sob.

2. what tv show do celebrities have to appear on in order for me to fall in love with them?

rendezvous with simi aunty. lets see, i fell in love with abhishek bachchan, ustad amjad ali khan's younger son, farhan akhtar....

3. where did i learn the gayatri mantra?

from watching kyunki saas. the sad part is i'm not kidding.

4. how many times have i been pulled over? bonus question [how many times has this lead to me getting a ticket?]

i've been pulled over only 4 times and gotten a ticket only twice. the truth is i am very very lucky to still have a driving permit. it's all about training your eye. a pro can spot a cop car miles away. a pro can make the chapstick, cellphone and cd carrier instantly disappear whilst slowing down a good twenty miles or so before the cop even notices said pro. however if you do get pulled over it is good to remain smiley and nod at appropriate moments. if the cop wants to tell you a story of his desi friend whose wonderful wedding he attended pretend to enjoy the story and giggle and clap. okay dont clap. but giggle. and nod. and smile.

5. name the only two things i can cook

karipatta chicken and pineapple souffle.

6. what do the creepy paintings in my house that occasionally switch places depict?

they're the before and after paintings of the afghan girl on the cover of national geographic magazine and last winter when i was living by myself i noticed that they would switch places with each other so naturally i was worried. wouldn't you be? oh also they like to stare.

7. a fake version of this product can be purchased in shivaji nagar under the name 'iski maaki'. what is the name of the original product?

yes yes it's issey miyake. anyone notice it smells exactly like mallige hoova? eighty bucks? you have got to be kidding! but oh look at the tall pointy bottle it comes in. must have.

8. name two people who have been guest writers on this blog.

soupie and gabby

9. pick the odd one out. and no row/column. give me a name.

that would be the one with the bloodshot eyes - the one, the only cinema taare ambarish avaru.

10. what was demanded in exchange for the boss' kidnapped stapler?

originally four, later changed to five bags of boulder potato chips. you can watch videos of how the stapler was tortured here.

11. is karen a boy or a girl or are we still undecided on this matter?

the correct answer to this would be - we are still undecided on this matter. although he is listed as a boy under the matrimonial section of usa weekly. usa of course being ullasnagar sindhi association.

12. what have i always wanted to name my gold fish? [clue: this is also partly the reason i've wanted a gold fish]

duh DISCO.

13. who said the following? "Ugh Pri, she is so weird. I mean i find it unbelievable that a girl her age has never been attracted to a guy. And it's not like she could be gay either. She doesn't have the imagination to be homosexual."

that would be a classic soupie quote. it was made in reference to this one girl she knew and disliked but had to hang out with.

14. name a member of the band 'just nim ulsoor lake'

the multi talented bahadur.

15. what is stalker shanmuga's real name?

rbr aka raobharathrao aka my former internet best friend/illegal music and movie downloading genius who has contributed muchly to this blog through gtalk conversations.

16. who said the following?

On Shilpa Shetty's dancing - "Why she is shaking only one side? She will dislocate her hip."

On Karan Johar: "Aah i like this boy a lot. See so neatly he's come off. I want to have coffee with him."

On Akshaye Khanna: "Who is that chapraasi fellow next to Anil Kapoor?"

meri ma! this is why i refuse to watch tv with her.

17. the only poem ever featured on this blog was a tribute to what chocolate?

nobody got this one right. except one dude. the correct answer would be TOBLERONE. does no one remember reading this? sniff. it was a serious tribute. it meant something.

18. what hilarious incident at the office led to the creation of this permanent notice?

B got part of her shirt stuck in the shredder and screamed and yelled because she thought it was going to swallow her. it was the funniest eight seconds of my life.

19. true of false. rohan kurien is a terrible kisser.

hmm this is a tough one. our only source is a friend of his ex who claims the ex told her that she had to teach him how to kiss. now this ex is someone we disliked when we were two. we went to the same preschool and i used to make fun of her and she had gone home and told mommy dearest who in turn taught her to say something mean back and so she did. unimaginative bitch!

20. what radio station does gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet listen to? what colour disco lights does he have in his car?

the jazz station and bright purple.

Special mentions:

Bikerdodanna for this observation: 9. Odd man out: Ambareesha, cos he's the only person who can run sideways down 28 flights of stairs. Thank you, that image has been stuck in my mind ever since.

Soupie: 9.Rebel IsTaar Ambreesh Row 1, Column 3 and Row3 column 3 the father of my unborn child.
She didn't mention said future child's name so i will - Yamraj Singh!

Ramsu: 9. Ajit Agarkar. Only one among the bunch who never, EVER knew how to play cricket. CORREKT i say! Why did you delete your comment?

Congratulations to 'the bride' who was the only person who got number 16 right. Soupie/Kb even you two got that one wrong. I cant blame u though. It's quite possible my dad could've said something like that.

Mr. Mandu also got this one right. But he got everything right. Ladies and gentleman i present to you the winner of this quiz - Mr. Mandu. Yay!!!

The second prize goes to kb! She promised free clothes and one does not want to piss off such a talented designer.


The Bride said...

*bows and waves for getting number 16 right*

You are too modest about no.5... Wasn't there a post about your cooking mottai curry?

Pri said...

um you mean the one where i attempted to make mottai curry and ended up with a burnt pot and an angry mother?

soupie said...

No fair. KB and me have same to same answers. If she gets prize I should alos get no???
Don't let her be doing cheating!!!
I demand equal treatment or else....

La vida Loca said...

Interesting :)

nikhil said...

che.....yen ri...namma ambrish anna nige eethara avamana na..!??
that too in the month of november...!! u r verrry mean to him i say..!! :P

Bikerdude said...

Verrry good. For all us winners, kindly throw gala dinner party with two items on menu.

Ramsu said...

I have this nasty habit of clicking on random links while on the phone. I drive more safely than I surf when I'm on the phone.

Anyway, the upshot of it was that I ended up deleting my comment and confirming it even before I knew what I was doing. Wondered if I should re-enter it, then decided what the heck.

You really learnt the gayatri mantra from Kyunki? Sheesh! And here I thought I was being funny by guessing Himes-bhai :-)

Neha said...

ate your duck! now that's a story ... you shld be on oprah! and lol at the agarkar ans ... i miss him. hopefully sreesanth takes care of it all ...

KayB said...

yeah yeah yeah i got special mention! keep up de good work!
free clothes for you forever!!!for any red carpet event, im at your service! and you'll be dressed waaaaay better than J.Lo!!! hehehe!!!

La vida Loca said...

Hosa post bariammaaaa.. tumba dina aayitu :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

why you say "By the by" ? its by the way

frissko said...

new here and the only ones i could answer were 9 (that because many many years ago, i happened to stealthily see a kannada-rain-song featuring a thinner version of this face and Ambika, dont know how it sounds cos i had the tv in mute) and 12 (that because i am partially functional)...but fun blog this...

I love Lucy said...

Your mom has a cool sense of humour!!
Still getting over the duck and iski maaki...

Pri said...

@nikhil: heh. sorry ree. but really he is my most favourite kannada cinema taare. um after puneet rajkumar. and upendra. and tiger prabhakar.

@neha: i SHOULD be on oprah!!! but for entirely different reasons.

@la vida loca: look not all of us GOT MARRIED this weekend so u have to be patient until something remotely exciting happens.

@tgfi: you've never heard 'by the by' before? hmmm maybe its a bangalore thing. and yes we know everyone else says by the way.

@i love lucy: well since u seem to like her so much can i send her over to dallas for the weekend? or the rest of the month?

@frissko: yay a new reader! hello boss. any relation to anand natarajan also known as AanandaEnanda?

frissko said...

know a couple of Anand Natarajans, but not in a sibling way...