Saturday, July 28, 2007

little pyramids
in a row, one for each letter
of this magnificent creation by some genius
who decided squares were boring and balls were too
lets make em triangular he must have said only to be scoffed at
eventually someone important agreed to sponsor the experiment
and i imagine that's how T O B L E R O N E was created

um 55 word?

and yes the spacing took longer than the writing
and no im not on crack.


Preeth said...

lol.Insightful !!!

P.S: You really not on crack?

Karan said...

So I'm still craving.

RunBitchRun (RBR) said...

if inverted, is that the shape of ur hort?

Pri said...

@fake rbr: ess ess of course. my hort is shaped like a diamond.

shub said...

Ayyoo! Disclaimer wasn't required I say. I've come to believe you don't need to be on ANYTHING to blog such stuff! :P
"my hort is shaped like a diamond." haha!

TS said...

Your mind works in mysterious ways sunshine.

runbitchrun (rbr) said...


is that a pick up line?

Pri said...

@fake rbr: a pick up line? do u mean when i said my hort was shaped like a diamond? [in which case the answer is HELL NO!] and if u mean tanmay's comment above the answer is still the same.
our boy ts has a girlfriend but might also be gay.

rbr said...

if he is gay, ask him to contact me.