Wednesday, October 17, 2007

reality tv, an anniversary, pink or brown? or both?

ill be honest. my life is completely boring at the moment and has been for the longest time, which is why the blog has been neglected. but i feel like i owe you'll a post. plus i know you guys will read just about anything so here's a tv post - this season's top five four must see trashy tv reality shows:

1. America's most smartest model - so they're looking for a smart model only they've picked the dumbest contestants on the planet because it's you know a television show. they have quizzes and spelling bees. watch out for the crazy russian axe murderer dude.

2. I love new york - new york of i want flavor flav's clock fame is searching for love, again. watch out for midget man who claims um who claims all kinds of different inappropriate things.

3. Pageant Place - this one stars miss usa [yes the same one who fell on her ass bringing much joy to the universe] and tara corner [the one who went to rehab bringing much joy to the viewers of the view] and miss teen usa [who supposedly made out with tara corner and then ratted her out to trump] and miss universe who seemed like the normal one until she showed up at the airport minus a passport or any form of id. oh but she was carrying her miss universe sash in a clear plastic bag, also a picture of her wearing the crown. the guy at the check in counter didn't seem to recognise her. he was told to google her.

4. A shot of love with tila tequila - another dating show, only tila is bisexual so the contestants are a mix of straight men and lesbians who dont know about each other. until episode 2.

random observation: are tranny hookers the new black? there's one on 'big shots' and one on 'dirty sexy money' and i swear i saw one on another show. i cant remember which.

also a regular reader of this blog had this to day "Your blog, it's more NRIy now. i don't relate to it. you sold out pri, you became one of them. you went commercial. its like veena stores in malleshwaram selling hamburgers."

is this true? i think not.
i realise this post isn't the best example but can you blame me? i am directv-less. what else am i supposed to write about?

in other lame news you wish you didn't have to know, i discovered a new shoe store today, its all unique and boutique-y. i bought some really pretty brown peep toe shoes that i know i can wear to work and that i know will go with tons of things but all i've been thinking about are the pink peep toe ones i left behind. the ones that will go with like 2 things in my wardrobe. okay 5. but they're so pretty. you think i should exchange the brown ones?

in making new friends in the city news, i might be meeting a fellow blogger tomorrow night. it will be my first blogger meeting. so much fun!

stat counter tells me:

someone in scotland googled 'potty time food that u can eet wive you finges'. right. gross.

someone in malaysia googled 'process of meeting a new friend'. awwww you poor thing! wait. if you find any info pass it on.

someone in switzerland googled 'Vodka with reindeer blood'. is this the new pani puri with vodka?

someone in mumbai googled 'review of exploring colourful word of khadi bedsheet'. huh? who?

p.s. this blog will be turning 1 soon and in honour of its anniversary i'm thinking of having a pop quiz. about me. cause i'm so one of those people who would do that. do your homework. and hugs to all the people who emailed me to say wtf? its been more than 48 minutes and there hasn't been a new post from you. is everything okay? awwww i heart you random strangers.

midget update: our friend almost drowned this week. here's what 'best week ever' said "in case you had no idea why there was a midget in the lake here's what lead up to these events. the midget was trying to swim across the lake to win new york's love. new york who flava flav didn't want. flava flav who bridgette nielsen didnt want. so thats why there was a midget trying to swim across a lake."

to truly appreciate the above summary you have to know what these people look like. google them at once!


Prototype no. 89 said...

hey P. yeap, been a while. ok i'm game for the Quiz. I'm doing my home work regularly. So i'm ready when u are ready.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yayy even tho i don't have cable

random stranger said...

i heart u too. now i shall stalk u!!

The Bride said...

What's with people saying you sold out? You're life is, fortunately or unfortunately, outside India so at some point you're going to write about your life there. And why should that be less interesting? Especially when there's GCWDKHGY.

How's the new job by the way?

Pri said...

@prototype: varygood beta. do at least three revisions.

@tgfi: omg i am so sorry. would you like me to start an emergency cable fund or something?

@random stranger: no self respecting stalker informs the stalkee that they are about to be stalked.

@the bride: awww look at you being all big sisterly!! do you get that too? and the new job kinda sucks. but there's lotsa positives so i really shouldn't complain. oh well. give it a couple more weeks.

Su said...

So is a cheat sheet allowed ? Like are we allowed a list of all the tv shows you watch :)

Indianoguy said...

I've never heard of those reality TV shows, are they really real?
Why dont you do something productive, like..blogging everyday :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL!!!! :))) yes please do. sympathies accepted.

Pri said...

@su: absolutely not! but you just gave me a wonderful idea for a test question. now go study.

@indianoguy: um there are other channels apart from comedy central you know? for trashy reality shows mtv or vh1 are your best bet.

@tgfi: first get permission from your apartment authorities to install a dish. cause sometimes fate might have other plans. sniff. RIP directv.

Bikerdude said...

The NRI-accuser is right. Full OHT happened off with this post. Appa what a scope I say.

balu said...

why is it always about you...

balasubramanyaswami shasthri
veena stores.

Pri said...

@bikerdude: huh?
opportunity housing trust?

@balu: cause it's my goddamn blog fool.

Brittany said...

I am so glad someone else watched Pagent Place!!!! I cant wait to see what they eat on the next episode ( i am guessing a leaf of iceberg lettuce)

gabriella said...


A wonderful combination of ghetto trash and (sadly) reality