Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In news from the interweb

I assume you are all aware of the sad demise of my dear friend Directv. Now what this means is my only link to all things Desi is the interweb. Earlier this evening i diligently checked the following websites in no particular order - NDTV, CNN IBN, MSN and a cricket website. To my great joy i discovered the following ridiculousness headlines and quotes.

Cricketnext: What do think of Sreesanth?

Yohannan - "Sreesanth has countless ways of frustrating a batsmen. He speaks to the batmen sometimes in Arabic, actually it isn't Arabic, he has his own languages through which he sends warning messages to the batsman."

You know, of all the mentally unstable cricketers we are privileged to have in our team this fool had to be the chosen one last Monday to be standing under that ball.

We have so much to be grateful for. So much.

'Dhoni will make a difference to cricket' - Chappell spoke to CNN-IBN about his time in India and on his comeback.

I'm sorry, on his what?

Quick gather all the boys in a huddle and remove group drishti.

Oh no! It's too late.

Strategically placed right below the Chappell article: Injured Ganguly to sit out second ODI.

Calcutta what are you doing? Enough with the celebrations. Its time for one of your special Dada pujos. And someone please inform Mr. Somnath Chatterjee asap so he may declare an emergency session of parliament.

Then this shocker - Aishwarya to play Bipasha’s mom in a Hollywood flick

Gasp! No fucking way. By the by this "Hollywood" film is about Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.

Now don't hate me, i realise this isn't a laughing matter but wtf? Drunk friends murder Delhi boy over a samosa.

How pissed drunk/insanely hungry do you have to be to murder someone over a samosa? And i'm guessing from the title of the article that this was an aloo samosa. Now an onion samosa i can understand...

And finally Bipasha Basu said "I want to play mainstream normal characters in the West, not an ethnic Asian person."

um yeah, i hear they're casting for the role of the albino in the sequel to that movie with the creepy albino and Tom Hanks. Oh but wait you're playing the very Hollywood role of Aishwarya's daughter in that movie about the Taj Mahal.


The Bride said...

Hehehe such bitchy goodness!

KP said...

lol....:)Good observation of cricketnext...:)

misbah ul haq said...

yay! india LOST against australia by 84 fucking runs!

this just proves the point, that india won the t20 worldcup just because Pakistan lost, otherwise they would have pulled off a "team india" again (read: lost miserably)

Anonymous said...

So, how do you spell a poor loser in Urdu ? MISBAH UL HUQ

dumb ass , Just worry about the 323 runs you have to make up with South Africa and try to save the 1st test in Karachi.

move on dude !!!!

shoaib akhtar said...

Dear Anonymous, i will also tulp u with my bat, or if u want, with my rod, whichever u prefer.

TS said...

Ha ha ha... brilliant.

Su said...

:) Albino joke bilkul funny hain memsaab :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Oh I need to see that Bipasha-Aishwarya Rai 'Hollywood' movie whenever it comes out. I sense glorious awfulness in the making. Heh.

Anonymous said...

is pri making up all these misbah, shoaib stuff to keep her page rank?