Saturday, September 29, 2007

I wonder where he is now

We need to talk about Michael.
Hot waiter Michael.
He worked at KFC on Brigade Road.
Was incredibly hot.
Had the most adorable smile.
Back in college we all had crushes on him.
Me especially.
Then one day i saw him in the blue Indian cricket team uniform.
I was instantly in love.
I asked him for extra ketchup and where he had gotten his shirt.
And if he would let me take the huge promotional poster of the cricket team on the wall.
It was world cup time.
This was back in 2003.
He said they had only one and it was for display.
I made a sad face.
When we were leaving he said to take it.
That he wouldn't tell anyone.
So i did.
I visited KFC a lot that summer.
Some days Michael wouldn't be there and i would just order a strawberry milkshake and walk away.
Eventually Michael was fired.
I don't know where i heard this but he was definitely gone.
I was very upset.
My Michael had been fired.
My friends would make fun of me.
They would narrate stories of imaginary dates Michael would take me on.
Supposedly only to KFC because he couldn't afford any other place.
I fought for my Michael.
SHUT UP, I'd say.
So what if he's a waiter?
You know, he's also a part time student.
Again i cant remember where i had gotten this information.
They would giggle.
Many months later much to my delight we were able to locate Michael again.
He was now a waiter at Cafe Coffee Day.
A few weeks later he was fired from Coffee Day and i never saw him again :(

The end.

Magazine man worked at the Mahatma Gandhi Circle/Chinnaswamy Stadium signal.
He sold magazines, none of which were Wisden cricket Asia, Cricket World or Femina.
I don't recall ever making a purchase from him.
But we'd see him everyday.
On our way to Brigade road or Lavelle road from college.
"En madame aaraama? Class ilva ivattu?"
He was always polite.
Never tried to sell us anything.
He would ask about my friend's grandmother.
He would tell us who had driven in and out of Chinnaswamy stadium that day.
"Kumble bandraa ivattu? Prasad?"
He didn't know any of our names.
Just our faces.
And our cars.
He'd tell us if one of our friends had made a left onto MG road earlier that day.
When i'd pass by the same signal with dad he'd come over and say hello, even if he'd already seen me earlier that afternoon.
My dad was always amused and slightly confused by this.
He had no idea how often i visited that side of town.
After all it was nowhere near college.
Plus i always came home sharp at 4:20.


Happy birthday Chinku!


Su said...

Maybe hot waiter Mike is waiting for you in the Airlines hotel

TS said...

I HEART the KFC on Brigade road. I saw the 2002 football world cup and 2003 cricket world cup matches there. What days!

And the chicken!

And why don't you google/orkut Michael. You never know.

Anonymous said...

hi, i did google search on michel, ur blog comes ya, pooja

Micheal said...

Hi pri. Am sorry to say i'm gay. But since its u, lesbian and all, we shall make a wonderful couple.
Touch me, dont touch me, oh touch me soniye!

Karan said...

So do you remember the time coffee day on brigades had this waitress called Jenny? That too she was damn hot.

Bikerdude said...

There was ladis waiterni in coffee day? Oh yeah I remember.

Michael's at the moment employed with the Ulsoor boat club. Go there and he'll row your boat ashore, hallelujah.

KayB said...

eh woman you were de only one with a crush on Micheal! and we know why he was fired from coffee day... fight with a customer!!! and of course satishannna firing him... memory refreshed?
oh yeahhh that magazine dude! soupie and her conversations! damn i miss namma bengaluru!