Friday, October 26, 2007

i hate to admit it but i miss you colorado.

i miss the comfort of my old job. the comfort of being able to stroll into work around 10:45ish [with strong emphasis on the ish] wearing a kurta and flip flops. and being able to surf the net for the rest of the day. i miss the luxury of having chinese food delivered in five minutes without having to say more than a hello. they knew my voice. they knew where i worked. and they knew to make it ridiculously hot.

i miss you fun work people with your big smiles, highly inappropriate questions and occasional art work. i miss being able to sleep walk through the day without the boss having a clue. i miss being able to walk into the nail place and be attended to right away. i miss the people at starbucks. at both the starbucks who knew my drink order and knew i was always late so to make it quick. i miss you nice lady at walgreens who always billed me at the cosmetics counter. i miss you pretty mountains and yes even you random farm animals. okay not as much as the other stuff but i miss you.

i miss the familiarity of it all.


Broom said...

you forgot - Indian channels!

KayB said...

You aaa... sooo poor thing- Singlish condolences!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever catch a glimpse of Madhuri Dixit whilst there? Like, even from a 100 m away?
(This is a lil embarrassing; hence I go anonymous)

Pri said...

@anon: are you kidding? you don't think there would've been a post unimaginatively titled 'omg i just met madhuri dixit' if i had? but im kinda glad i didn't meet her because i know i would've completely embarrassed myself.

i did go to this restaurant that she supposedly visited all the time in hopes that i would bump into her but no luck :(

also she went to watch 'bombay dreams' a day after i did so that was kinda close no?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hugs. i can muchly relate. but its getting better for me now, as i am sure it will for you too.

Bikerdude said...

Once a hilbilly (or plateaupuss as the case maybe), always one.

Did you go to the Houston navratri garbha this year (at the astrodome no less). Will cure you of all things indian for a year at least.

gabriella said...

You must come back and visit all these peoples and places you misses! The coffee people miss you-they told me so. Customers here at work miss you-even the one who is not allowed to talk to you with her husband around. Hot Steve misses you too. Ankur Jolly misses you too. We all want you to come back and hang with Larry!!!! And you can stay at my house (that you mentioned was too big already for the 2 of us) and we can go get Taj and go disco dancing, and all the fun things!!!

Pri said...

@gabby: who the eff is hot steve?
awww say hi to ankur and his FIANCE!

you do realise if he googles himself he'll probably see this.

and tell corey he and u need to drive down here one weekend so we can hang will larry texas style.

when did we ever go disco dancing?