Friday, September 14, 2007

Very good beta. Good decision. Varynice.

Is this not the smartest thing Jammy's ever done? We're so proud of you. We hope you will take this time to make more babies even if it is with THAT WOMAN! Bangalore [and the world] needs more smart good looking men.

So, you think they might offer it to Dada? I would be overjoyed if they did but i don't see it happening. Also when he was last asked about the captaincy issue he said he wasn't interested and that he wanted to concentrate on his batting. But this was back when no one believed his 'come back' would even work. Plus chappal was still in charge. Who in their right mind would agree to work with that bitch again? If they offer it to him now though i wonder what he'll say. hmmm things are going to get very interesting.

Also a bowl out? Seriously? Did anyone get to see?
And if you've never heard of a bowl out its kind of like a walk off, only instead of trying to place that heel as straight as possible on the runway, you try to bowl as straight as possible towards the stumps.

edited at 1:55 - i found these two videos. This one is of the entire last over and this one the bowl out. Its weird watching this because you recognise the boys and yet it feels like match practice not real cricket but the joy each time we hit the stumps and Pakistan misses - still the same.


Sid said...

wat a match that was. And yes...I did get to see the bowl out. I was also very skeptical about the whole deal of bowling at the stumps. Till I saw Pakistan bowl and realize it was not that easy.
The biggest mistake they did was get their pacers to bowl off a sorter run-up something they are not familiar with. And boy did they goof up. We were screaming so much...the guard had to call our flat and ask us to keep it down. Apparently 2nd floor wale major uncle was having trouble sleeping.

Oh, btw I love reading your posts, though this is the first time I'm commenting.

Pri said...

why in the world was major uncle sleeping during an india pak game?

and yeah you'd think someone would've pointed that out to them [about the bowling with no run up] since there were only like 40 people standing on the ground!

Neha said...

it was beautiful! and to think we wldnt have go all the drama if my man agarkar hadnt messed up his last over!

but i just dont get this team, how can ur best bats be at home during a WC!? i dont care if they are 40, i mean look wht jayasurya did! besides its just not cricket without sachin and saurav :(

also this was only the 2nd bowl out in a 20-20. the first one was some time back btwn NZ and WI.

TS said...

We won we won!!! Woo hoo!!!

Did you SEE those those guys, not being able to hit the stumps??? How dumb CAN you be. I mean really!

And the news here is Tendulkar is being offered captaincy first and he has tentatively accepted but needs time to think. Next in line is Dada but if that becomes controversial then it may be Dhoni (for One Day/20-20) and Tendulkar for testsor something.

Indianoguy said...

WOW!, Great finish. This is better than one day matches, I think it will gain popularity. They should market this in North America, it might work here.

Preeth said...

Hey thanx for the links. Was feelin rotten abour missing out the freakin bowl out n all.

Pri said...

@neha: when was the last time your man Agarkar DIDN'T mess up his last over? or his first over? or his middle overs?

and i completely agree with you about the ridiculousness of Dada and Sachin missing this tournament. don't tell me they're being rested. the maximum overs they'd have had to bat [and this is us being veeeeeeery positive here] would've been TWENTY! can you imagine how much fun it would've been to watch Dada and Sachin open the innings and be given permission to go all out from the first ball?