Sunday, September 16, 2007

Calm the fuck down.

These are some reactions to Dravid's resignation.

1. Leave Dravid alone and the real reason i wrote this piece was so i could add that one remark in there about him not being from Mumbai.

2. I title my post Dravid resigns and yet every other word in my post ends with a kar, you know like Gavaskar, Vengsarkar etc.

3. This one's really pissed and he makes direct comparisons - Agarkar almost ruined it but lookey that good South Indian chap Sreesanth helped us win! He's mad that Rohit Sharma gets picked while Badrinath is ignored. And apparently everyone at ESPN STAR hates anyone who isn't from Mumbai. I'm sure our friend would love it if Krishnamachari Srikkanth was hired instead. He even takes a dig at Romesh Powar's size. ooh also something about passing urine and cheering for Sachin and Dada. Not to miss the title of the blog. Did anyone else do a doubletake?

Is it just me or is there a pattern here?

They're all Bangalore bloggers [the second guy i don't know for sure] and *gasp* they're all Dravid fans and they all hate anything or anyone involved with Mumbai cricket.

If you were too bored to read the posts here's the common thought:

Omg Dravid the gentleman has quit! This is a conspiracy by the damn Mumbaikars to make one of their own captain. When Sachin resigned to concentrate on his batting no one said anything but now everyone is blaming our poor Dravid but he was so wonderful blahdiblah.....

updated at 2:41 - from NDTV's online forum.

"It is a team politics, may be noncooperation from the team management and also he is south indian."
vsumamgesh (Bangalore)

Mumbai side wants Sachin as captain and Ajith as vice captain so that the cricket is given on a platter to ICL."
madhu2007 (Bangalore)


Spunky Monkey said...

It's true. The Maharashtra-isation of Indian Cricket is all too obvious. Gone are the days when Karnataka had SIX! players on the team. It's like the old days now, when cricket meant Bombay. Unfortunate unfortunate.

I like the third rant. What passion!

Pri said...

how does it matter if there were 6 Karnataka players in the team at the same time? what are we talking here? bragging rights? and you have to remember Dodda Ganesh and David Johnson were 2 of these 6 players!

Sharma's Karma said...

bby rocks ok


Neha said...

uff time to grow up from all this bombay-karnataka nonsense. it's india ppl. who cares which state players come from as long as they play!! sadly there arent enough of those either, and the ones who do play get to sit at home and watch the WC, hmpfh!

Karan said...

Ok, Pri I'm going to have to ask thee to watch Chak De india again and stand in the queue and say your name followed by your country name (would you say India or USA?) and not by the name of your state. Then the cricket tem will follow.

Anonymous said...


Rahul Dravid is a Marathi Manoos, and his wife is from Nagpur. Makes the whole thing spicier isn't it?

??! said...

this whole regional shit was exactly why we weren't winning. and there was a time when Tendlya was the only bbayite in the team. So that should be that for conspiracy theories,

Pri said...

there are always going to be those people who have to make everything a race issue or a religion issue
in this case bombay vs karnataka when all that really matters is an Indian win.

Now if Dada could leads us it would be perfect but not because he's from Bengal or his zodiac sign is cancer but because he's Dada.

RJ said...

There are many that will politicise Rahul Dravid's decision. I doubt Rahul is someone who can be pushed into such a big decision. Here again, 'The Wall' temperament comes through.

All the rants and ramblings make for good reading. Period.

Dravid's resignation did come as a surprise, but the moment I heard about it, it just made sense.

He obviously, very clearly, did not have the 'ideal' circumstance or environment to make his captaincy that people would talk about when the look back into history.

Dravid holds history very important and wants to be remembered by what he does best and has been doing best, batting.

Further, he has had decent (with regards to being a captain of an Indian team) stint as captain, but his batting records speaks louder.

He sees himself having to retire from the active game within the next 2-3 years and the level-headed Bishop Cotton boy must already be laying the ground for his future, possibly closely connected to the media in some way or form.

Most importantly, he shows dignity.

I tip my hat to Rahul Dravid.