Sunday, September 02, 2007

since you all seem to like him so much here's more adventures from the life of gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet.

You will be happy to know gay cousin has narrowed down his choices for a Halloween costume:

first choice: a nun
second choice: mother theresa

i dont know for sure why he decided on these two specifically, especially cause mother theresa is was a nun. wait wasn't it her death anniversary recently? that might have something to do with it, or not.

personally i think he's just looking for an excuse to dress in drag.


also today for the first time i heard gay cousin describe his taste in music. we were at this couple's house. wonderful people. lovely bathroom. really it was breathtaking. so he's sitting on the couch with his legs crossed, his closes his eyes for a second and says "eclectic".

i almost choked on my ice cube.


the other really strange thing i've noticed about him is the fact that he calls his mother 'mother'. i refer to my mother as mother in my posts but i don't actually call her that. like he'll say "put your seatbelt on mother" like she's ninety years old or something!


you know, i could learn a few things from gay cousin especially when it comes to taking care of my skin. i am too lazy to even wash my face. gay cousin uses face pack at least twice a week. the first time i saw it happen it was my first week here. this was when we hadn't finished unpacking and so we'd walk over to their place for dinner.

this one evening mother and i ring the doorbell and gay cousin opens the door. he's wearing this bright green face pack so all i see are his humongous eyes and his sparkly teeth. He does have white teeth, ill give him that. I pretend like its totally normal to walk into a person's house and be greeted by a fully grown man wearing face pack. Mother however is a terrible actress. First she gasps really loud, then she makes inquiries.

Mother: "Oho, what is that?"
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet: "What?"
Mother [now pointing]: "That! What is that?"
Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet: "Oh its this paste aunty, for clear skin, you know, to prevent breakouts and stuff."
Mother: "Oho for pimples and all aa? Where you got? You always use aa?"

and then she turns to me and starts to shake her head like I've somehow disappointed her!


rebel said...

Someone pls tell him he is gay..
I mean, bright green face pack? Really?

Prototype no. 89 said...

it just gets funnier. A green face pack? a face pack in the first place! and not hiding it and getting the door! i need more stories.

Maybe u should throw in some ideas for halloween. Nun isnt that great. maybe a Priest? (ahem!) or an alter boy? or the Queen or Elton John or Cat-woman.

Unknown said...

I like facepack :) Speaking of which, should get one soonly

Anonymous said...

i DO like him.
wish I had a gay cousin.

Anonymous said...

Wow... u remind me of what all I missed in life.. why didnt I have such a gay cousin!!!

dreamer said...

he he he...
the poor little cousin of yours who doesn't still know he is gay must be dying of hiccups there...

he has become a celebrity.. tell him that...

more popular than justin timberlake i say. :D

??! said...

now, one's not defending the poor fellow, but so a guy putting on a face pack makes him gay? wow...aren't we all liberal and equal-rightsy.

but bright green? yeeeesh!

Neha said...

Lol, he seems like a whole load of phun! more power to face-pack boy!

p.s: how do you know that he doesn't know that he is gay?

rads said...

rofl :)
pri - am having serious doubts that you're actually spinning tales! This is just too funny :))

twip said...

Brilliant green face pack is perfectly acceptable, me thinks.

You just wanted his face pack for yourself. Admit it. :P

*runs off*

Unknown said...

lol yeah.. neha has a point.

how do u know that he doesnt know he's gay yet??

Anonymous said...

LOL, this post was hilarious!!! I always wanted a gay best friend.

The Bride said...

I agree with punkster - we are focusing too much on the 'bright green'. Green is a very normal colour for face packs - if they have cucumber in it (beauty tip - good for oily skin) or even clay (also great for oily skin). Clearly people here do not use face packs enough.

While admiting that guys are not prone to face-packing, I have imposed them on all the men I went out with, and they secretly love it. The world would be a better place if more guys used face packs (but only the ones not tested on animals) - they might make peace not war and think of the eliminated blackheads!

What I want to know is - what does he call his own mother if he calls your mother mother?

Bikerdude said...

Slunk in here through all manner of devious means (redirect URLS) so yay.

GCWDKHGY knows. He just doesnt want you to know.

Anonymous said...

@ the bride

he doesnt call pri's mother mother, he calls her aunty. he calls his own mother mother.

Ramsu said...

Hilarious! The strange thing is, every time I see the phrase "Gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet", I start laughing. I don't seem to tire of it. Keep us posted on further exploits.

Pri said...

@ramsu: you're new. hello. kindly take youver seat.

Ashwin said...

Men with face packs are scary... not funny

Just Jane said...

the post i was waiting for! :)