Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shoes have a new home, i break fashion rules and prove again what a terrible cook i am. I also help the universe by searching for missing bloggers.

You thought 90210 was the coolest zip code in the universe? Try 10022. The ginormous shoe floor at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan now has its very own zip code. How very wonderful!

You've probably all heard about not wearing white shoes after labor day. Now i normally don't follow these "rules" when i'm dressing but its not like i go out of my way to try and prove a point by not following them. Today however without realising it i wore white sandals, a day after Labor day!

I was on my way to an interview and i passed the cotton club. I remembered gay cousin mentioning something about it so i decided to stop by on the way back only I didn't want to wear my uncomfortable interview shoes inside the store so i looked around my car and found a pair of white flip flops. So i walk into this very tish store wearing a black skirt, black shirt, blue-grey checked jacket and WHITE flip flops. Oh did people stare! One lady asked me if i needed any help or if i'd like something to drink and i could see the disapproval in her eyes. I said no thank you and kept looking through the racks. Two minutes later she goes "Are you SURE you don't need any help?" and i swear she looked down at my feet when she said sure.

In blogger news apparently it was blog day on the 31st. Did anyone know? Does anyone care?

In missing blogger news does anyone have any idea of the whereabouts of my two favourite tamizh girls GB and ATP? Anyone?

In stuff i can i used to be able to cook news i made my world famous karipatta chicken last evening. It was terrible. Too sour. I think maybe it was the vinegar. I forgot to measure.

Hmmm i don't think i measured the ginger garlic paste either.

Or the ketchup.


Su said...

Wtf. I thought I was your favorite Tamizh ponnu !!!!!!!!

Irbaz said...

ewww.. ketchup??

karipatta chicken is easy.
1st, boil the chicken with some garlic+ginger paste.
once its boiled, heat some oil in a pan, add haldi+laal mirch powder and immediately add the karipattas.
within 15 seconds, add the boiled chicken+salt+pepper.
Voila! Karipatta Chicken is ready to be served.

Irbaz said...

also, how did the interview go?

Pri said...

@su: of course you are! err those two are my favourite "missing" tamizh bloggers.

@irbaz: um thanks for the spontaneous recipe. my karipatta chicken is totally different.
the interview went good, so it was boring as hell.

Janefield said...

wot did you buy at cotton club? pic pls! it sounds like a textile store in india btw :D

??! said...

you are now in texas dear, aka, Bible-country. Ya better follow the rules, or prepare to draw, you scumsuckin' lilylivered git.

Ashwin said...

What's with white shoes and labour day?

And... ketchup with chicken? That... does not sound very nice.

Oh wait, I have that with burgers all the time.

I'll just stop now.