Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Please tell me everyone received this email. It's a blogger thing right? right?


Hello, I came across your blog, very nice and interesting. It was a pleasure to browse your blog. You have very expressive and interesting writings on your blog, and I wish you all the best in your further blogging.

I am C**s W****s, from E*** company, may I hope that you've already heard about it. Our store is selling adult toys and gifts, DVDs, erotic books, and lingerie; we also have special categories for gay and lesbian community and an educational section, containing useful info on sexuality, intimate life, dating, relationships, and homosexuality. We even have a whole site dedicated to educational and funny sexy material at E***

We would like to establish a relationship with your site for better serve our and your visitors. [we have the same visitors?] This can contain simple link exchange, and I hope our customers will appreciate if we can give them a note about such quality resource. We will also appreciate a link from your blog to our site. If you need our info:

URL: http://www....
Title: Lesbian sex toys [look i realise this blog might have given you the impression i have no social life. i also realise you probably think its weird that none of my posts are about boys, except if they're on tv or are under contract by the BCCI, or were. And my mother might agree with you here but really i'm not a lesbian.]

We also have a lot of other ways of partnerships, that you can find on our site.

Please mail us your decision, or any other ideas, as we are definitely open to any good ideas-such as promo actions, events, interviews and so on.

Best regards,

C**s Wi***s

Also what is with the number of people in Africa whose very rich parents die very tragically [and always in some sort of a crash] who want me to help them get their money and who in return are willing to pass on a couple of million to me, just like that, for the wonderful and helpful human being i am or appear to be from my email id. I enjoy these emails tremendously. For one the grammar is always fantastic and two i always like to read the details of the tragic accident. I just went and checked my junk mail folder and of course today there are none. :( As soon as i find some i will update this space.

ooh look what i found!

Dearest ONE
Assalam alaikum and may the peace of gracious Allah be with you,please I have a problem which I need help from you, however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour it against your wish. I am AISHA MOHAMMED, 19 years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr. and Mrs.MOHAMMED.

My father was a highly reputable business man (a coacoa merchant) he operated in the capital city of Ivory coast during his days. [why is it the deceased never have normal jobs?]
My fathers died mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad on 12th.Febuary 2005.
Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of his who travelled with him at that time.But Allah knows the truth! [mmm hmmm!] My mother died when I was just 4 years old on child birth according to what my father told me,The time for her delivery was complete and the doctor did not know because according to my father the doctor told them that my mother was not going through labour because according to his own prediction my mother had about one month more to deliver. So before they rialise she was on labour, it has taken about two days and she became very weak and could not make it during child delivery.Since then my father took me so special. Before his death on February 12/ 2005 which came to me as a suprise

I have stoped schooling because i cant afford to pay for school fees anymore. But i have gone to my fahers lawyer to find that my father have money to the tune of eight million, seven hundred thousand United State Dollars.(USD$8.700,000) left in a Trust company which according to he lawyer he propossed using for a foreign business transaction.

Upon this informatioin given to me by the lawyer i have also gone ot the Trust company where the money is deposited,to find out, according to what the lawyer told me.My fahter deposited this money and no name was given to them as the beneficiary. They are therefore asking me as the daughter to the depositor, to forward to them the name of Beneficiary of this money.
I will like to continue my studies but that will not be here again in cote d' ivorie. There is political unrest here [of course there is] and nobody knows what the next day will bring. People are now leaving in fear here. heh. where to? I know you may ask why didnt my father deposit the money in my name. Cause then you couldn't have written me this email bitch! I want you to know that our muslim rights by the almighty allah still permits him to mary more than one wife, [yes lets make this a religious issue] which i know he has started making some moves towards marrying two more wives because he said he has morned my mother a long time.
I want you come and stand inn as my fathers foreign business partner who this money is made for. But please i want to beg you by the almighty allah to be faithull to me.And tell me you will not because am a girl cheat on me. [or even better a gender issue] I will like to come over to your country and finish my school get a better job and get a good husband [yeah about that...] and settle down for life.If you like we can as well go into a joint business of any type in your country. I like selling ladies wears and their makeups, i still like jewellries. [what about ladies underwear? an online sex toy business maybe? i know of this wonderful business opportunity...]
So if this mail is acceptable to you i will like yo to send to me:

1. your occupation.

2. your age.

Thank you very much and may the almighty allah continue to protect you and your family.
Aisha Mohammed


I love Lucy said...


You just happen to be the chosen one ya.

Su said...

Babe. Please write about stories of your cousin, your work, your shopping escapades. This cricket stuff is too much. Too much hype about this T20 match. It was all fun but now it's over and please be writing more of your ' entha hotness' stuff.


Pri said...

@su: but we don't want it to be over. we want it to go on forever. in our minds this makes everything else okay. our team actually won something. this is huge. we're going to talk about it for a while. get used to it.

and nothing exciting is happening in the life of gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet. lets see he came over for dinner. wanted special egg fry, then asked if i watched desperate housewives. also asked if i was able to find any decent closed toe shoes for work.

The Bride said...

I am most interested in what 'linkage' could be established between your site and this fantasy sex toys one? Would you be putting up ads for dildos and the like while they put up links to your site for light reading?

I am also a sucker for the Nigerian emails. I don't know why it's always Nigeria. I actually considering sending the poor imprisoned Nigerian guy some money so that he could succeed in his military coup or whatever but then I didn't know how to do internet transfer.

Dusty Fog said...

@ Pri and every other cricket lover - please read the 'letter to Freddie flintoff at this site...

won't regret it i am sure...: )

Dusty Fog said...

@ Pri & Nomad - Just a quick word here. Maybe out of place, purely informative, which could be of no use, if you folks are already aware of the same.
"419 Nigerian Fraud" is the term for such emails that you receive that seem to be quite genuine but that tries to solicit your credit card numbers with expiry dates, and/or monies. It started a few years ago, and seemingly originated from Nigeria. One example would be how the email would state that there is a whole load of 'inheritance/monies' somebody has come across, and how they need just a little to be able to "get it out" and they would share some of the so called treasure with you, once they get funds to 'retrieve/collect' the treasure. My suggestion would be that you ignore any dictator's plea for support to save his people, or any other such thing.Since I deal with such stuff in my work life, is why I am giving you such a suggestion.....: )

crazyBugga said...

u... mean... these... comments... were not... heartfelt??? [:(]

??! said...

dusty fog:
You mean I sent all that money to a scamster? There was no woman whose husband had been forcibly removed from his post as Chairman of the Bank and was now destitute? naaahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.

Richa said...

Hahaha..Fascinating. But how come it wasn't filtered to your junk mails along with the African stories?

Chukuwuka Osigade said...

I have lost my punani in a tragic accident, thanx to which i am now able to see the future. I have also predicted the rise in Sensex to 17000 and have cure for Aids. Because of these special powers people have donated alotta monies to me. I will part with my wealth just because u r a probable lesbian. Kindly give me ur bank details with the access pin.

Pri said...

@the bride: of course you of all people wouldn't know how to do a transfer. and what exactly do you mean by 'light reading'? ahem. this is deep stuff.

@dusty fog: yes we are all aware of the Nigerian check scam. its fun to read about though.

@Chukuwuka Osigade: wow and nbc hasn't made your life into a show yet?

TinTin said...

Its good business

Indianoguy said...

so you are not a lesbian then..are you bisexual?
BTW, I wish you great success in your online sex toys bidness.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Nope. 'Sjust you.

*I* only get the 'Free! Penis enlargement with a patch!!' offers.

Mystifying, it is...most mystifying.

Bikerdude said...

ha ha silly girl for not dancing upon chance. i have received 3.5 billion USD from this person last month for posing as lawyer by wearing blonde wig and jitendra shoe.

now i have to figure out which country has currency with george michael on it. probably angola.

freespirit said... i wasn't the only one who got the sex fantasy toy guy's mail. I was wondering what on earth on my blog prompted these chaps to make me the chosen one. Hell....i don't even write about sex! so yeah, now I feel better ;-)

gabriella said...

I am going to start saving my Nigerian Crime Ring Emails-maybe we can make a patchwork quilt with all their hard work!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch


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