Sunday, September 09, 2007

Alright i just watched the VMAs and i have a lot to say so here it is in one big breath

fifty cent and kanye west are friends again. awwww. turns out all that fighting - just a publicity stunt. omg no way!!!
also what was the point of bringing them on stage together if they weren't gonna say a word? and they didn't kiss or nothing!

i cant decide if that srilankan vj dude with the british accent is cute. it would help if he were a foot taller.

glitter is big y'all!

where was gwen steffani?

and omg that chris brown boy! to quote jt "dayum"!!! if you didn't see it you can watch his performance here.

i want eyeliner wearing rocker boy legs. how to get?

what was up with paris hilton's hair? did she seriously let someone cut it that bad or was that just the most horrendous wig ever? and omg that hooker dress! whatever happened to the post jail paris with the flowy dresses and the jesus quotes?

p diddy always gets the best seat in the house

how come we didn't get to see the kid rock tommy lee fight?

and damn it brittany didn't fall!


Revealed said...

Glitter is always big, Paris is always ugly (not the hair dresser's fault, you've gotta work with what you have only) and Kanye is always disappointing. I don't know why I even watch this shit anymore. Old, jaded and bitter I'm becoming.

Anki said...

britney ... sweet britt had to dress up like trash and just coz she got boobs now doesnt give her the right to squeeze them in a bra from the time she lost her virginity... n still i wonder why i want her to do better
stupid 50 n kanye killed all the fun for me... why else will i wait for spet 11 (not that my heart doesnot go out to 9/11 victims but cmon)
without rihana n JT... the whole world wud b iraq :P

Ashwin said...

Geee... I'm so outta the loop here! Except for the Kid Rock and Tommy Lee bit :D

Prototype no. 89 said...

Spears didnt fall? well good i missed it then, otherwise I would have been dying to find a proxy server to open youtube and search for "brit-falls-again, after-the-weight-gain, yet-again!" video.

And i dont understand these rap-stars, what happened to Aerosmith and Linkin Park!

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your post for some time now.

A news to share: NDTV has launched a lifestyle channel called NDTV Good Times. Seems like a decent channel.

Renovatio said...


And anony, it's good times due to the Vijay Maliya funding. Says a lot doesn't it? Unless I suppose they're paying you to put that here?

Beth said...

Your post inspired me to go check out Britney's performance online. It's so lackluster. She looks a little confused and definitely not entirely present.

Sharma's Karma said...

Kanye ripped of Daft punk - that asshole.

WTF was up with timberland being in every friggin shot?

On a side note - if you liked all the cool muzak they played before folks walked up to introduce dah nominees - check out Justice's new self titled album, they played the whole album!