Sunday, September 09, 2007

VMA Sunday

hello hello,

i am officially NOT jobless anymore. Woo hooo!! Some foolish company decided to offer me a job, only their timing was very wrong. See i had gotten back from the interview earlier that day and being very very bored and having finished off all the watermelon in the fridge i decided to oil my hair, like a good Indian girl. Right then mother ordered me to go pick up aunty from work, aunty who needs someone to sit next to her while she attempts to drive, aunty who will not drive faster than 20 miles an hour and who will stop the car every time she sees another vehicle, even if said vehicle is on the other side of the divider. I was like nooooo i just oiled my hair. I was told nobody would know the difference. So i go in to take a shower when the HR lady [who loved my bag by the way, we had this whole discussion on the merits of carrying large handbags. you don't think that was the only reason she offered me the job no?] decides to call. So the whole time i'm talking to her i have shampoo and water rolling down my face. I didn't let it affect my official adult phone voice though. That just made me sound like a phone sex operator, didn't it? By adult phone voice i mean like my serious, look at me all professional career woman voice.

In other news mother is no longer talking to me, i learnt how to make the perfect dosa, ooh and the VMAs are on tonight. I also got to talk to BM. You know BM no? We gossiped about Desi bloggers, i told her who all i thought were gay and she told me who she liked and who she hated. I tried to get insider gossip about certain bloggers but she was of no help. Anyway it was fun and it made my morning go by faster, that and The View.

Alright i need to go bathe and find a snack snacks before the red carpet begins. Brittany Spears is opening the show. HA! I hope something disastrous happens.

Oh and this job thing doesn't start for another whole week. In the meantime i have to go take a drug test. That should be lots of fun. See Miss Gabby, aren't you glad i thought of this possibility before we did what we were going to do in honour of me leaving?


Brown Magic said...

T Minus 3 hours to the Brit Brit opener! OMG. aren't you like totally stoked?

on pins and needles I am!

Ph said...

I want in on the gossip. Please to post full details.

Su said...

Hope I was not categorized as one of the gay bloggers :(

Pri said...

@bm: dude she barely moved. i'm sure someone whispered to her right when she was gonna go on stage "just try not to fall"

@ph: ha! you wish.

@su: of course not! you were one of them cranky married people.

don't hate me. please.

Ashwin said...

Haha... thankfully they don't have dope tests here.. er... not that they'd find anything much.

Prototype no. 89 said...

Congrats madam. and u didnt say, where you will be working at.

Anyways, i'm hoping the job will only give u more to bitch (the sratch option isnt here, uh?), i meant 'write' about.

and btw i thought i was 'britany'coz 'brittany' is the actress [8 mile, Sin city, so on]

shub said...

congrats! New job means more shopping, eh?! :D

I love Lucy said...

Awwright!The congratulations!

So you no want alugadde bonda now ?

Broom said...

woohoo congratulations!
and i hope u didn't tell your friend i was a gay blogger.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Hey! We want gossip! Where is the gossip?!

And you can make dosas?? Man, I've struggling with the damn things forEVER now!

Jallus, is what I am. Totally jallus.