Monday, September 10, 2007

help save the liquid

right. so say you unscrewed the cork on this bottle of um... of this liquid and you already took a swig and it tastes wonderful and all that, now how do you get the cork to separate from the cork screw so you can put it back so your beverage will stay umm, closed. also while you figure this out will a makeshift paper cork work or will it absorb all of the goodness from the beverage? anyone?

p.s please hurry with your response otherwise i might have no choice but to finish the contents of the pretty bottle.

p.p.s wait liquids don't show up on drug tests right?


Prototype no. 89 said...

I say dont wait, drink it all up at once. Or why dont u just put the cork with the screw? if no is watching.

??! said...

you hold the cork tight, while you pull out the screw in reverse direction of insertion. or just get one of those metal-and-plastic bottle stoppers.

mad pierre said...

go screw yourself silly

pierre phillips sascone.
wine specialist .
somewhere in france.