Monday, August 13, 2007

One survives another Monday

One is tired after having woken up at 4 am five days in a row to watch a match that was eventually killed by a man one used to have a crush on when one was 13 and STUPID.

Before one forgets one would like to congratulate Umpire Bucknor on his having not achieved the title of 'worst umpire' for the first time in his relatively short international career spanning 4000 odis and 34043484 tests, all featuring India.

Tomorrow is one's last day at work. One has been invited to eat free Thai food at nice Thai restaurant near work by nice Thai restaurant owner. One will be accepting the invitation. One will also be taking along uninvited guest.

One came home today only to discover secret hidden [under the bed!] laptop had been discovered by mother. One chose to avoid the topic. One hopes no questions will be asked [ha!]

One has been tagged by Su and I love Lucy and what follows is one's lame attempt at said tag. One would like to remind readers that one is tired, sleepy and cranky as one writes this. One also has to finish watching [and analyzing] 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy by tonight so one may return B's DVD tomorrow.

As per the rules of the tag one is supposed to list one's favouritest things.

1. test match WINS
2. pedicures
3. V.V.S Laxman
4. chocolate mousse cake [from Sweet Chariot]
5. birthdays [um Birthday. One really doesn't care if its yours.]
6. lots and lots of rain
7. good hair days
8. good skin days
9. cold water [not iced and especially not with ginormous cubes of ice]
10. making up completely irrelevant titles for blog posts
11. Andra style chilly chicken & Biryani
12. spell check
13. television shows featuring good looking people
14. silent babies six feet away
15. long giggly bitchy conference calls with one's best friends on skype
16. Burts beeswax lip balm [without which one refuses to leave the house]
17. the internet
18. jumbo shrimp
19. photographs
20. unexpected presents [read: unexpected gift certificates]

Tamil Punkster & Twisted DNA - its your turn.

One would like to wish one's readers a Happy Independence Day!


Crow said...

Holy Pingatu! That is a long list of one's fav things. Looks like crows share a lot of things like 9,11,12,14,17,18....99 with One.

Su said...

Whats with the ' one' ' one' 'one'.OMG have you found the prophetic one and it is yourself :)
Just Kidding. Thanks for taking the time out to write the post.
Me agree with the good hair and skin days. Not to mention pedicures. I love how squeaky clean our feet feel after that

??! said...

You have become one too? Inteeeeresting.

Wreckless EuroAfrican said...

Hi there, nice Blog. Suppose you will be watching the T20 with interest then?

I love Lucy said...


I loveee Grey's Anatomy too.

No TIVO aa?

bored said...

very bored

Anonymous said...

Does the one in question call herself this and presume that the Backstreet Boys version one "The One" was about her? Or does she secretly hope Morpheous will come looking for her and tell her that she's the chosen "one" and re-shoot a multi-million dollar movie?

ashish said...

btw, Happy Birth Day Bhanji ji.


Pri said...

@crow: hellojee. i feel like i know u. from like a previous life or something.

@su: yes. in fact im about to get one today.

@??!: eh?

@Wreckless EuroAfrican: eh?

@bored: then i suggest u go play in traffic

@i love lucy: i do not own a tivo but thats a great idea for a birthday present! thank you!
anyone listening?

@anonymous: we have a backstreet boys fan eh?

@ashish uncle: thank you jee very much. :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Just what I need, a nice positive tag. Hee.

Oh oh this is completely unrelated to your post but I have to say that the earrings at the bottom of your page are stupendous.



Pri said...

@the wannabe indian punkster: get in line.

bored said...

how can one play in traffic??
and by "one" i dont mean u or anything to do with backstreet boys for that matter..

Pri said...

"HOW?" u ask, so basically [and see ive used my favourite desi word] u stand in the middle of some highway. when u see a car coming towards u u try to escape it and hopefully in the process get knocked down by a bigger vehicle. and that ladies and gentleman is how u play in traffic.

its a rather short game unlike cricket. but u dont like cricket no?

La vida Loca said...

Niiiccee. Especially 2, 4, 17, 20.

Yessu those earrings are awesome. Aaaitamma woky I ees get in line.

The Nomad said...

I Love Grye's too .. and I'm forever trying to get people around me to watch it so that I can extend the analysis to discussion! Have watched till season 2 so far.