Sunday, August 12, 2007

Does anyone know what's going on at the Oval?

because at this point I am completely clueless. We have a 400+ run lead and we're still batting. Let me rephrase that, we're still blocking. And we have been for the past 5 hours. When Dravid decided not to enforce the follow on i figured the plan was to go in there and knock it around, maybe send Dhoni in at one down, basically get a quick 100 - 150 and put the English batsmen in. But apparently we're playing for a draw because that would ensure a series win and boredom all over the universe. Oh blah! I've been trying to give Dravid the benefit of doubt all day. Maybe his plan is to bat till tea. Not! Its the last session and we're still batting.

If there's anyone else who happened to watch Dravid's innings today i just have to say to you: I'm so sorry you had to witness the most excruciatingly painful piece of batting since the invention of the cricket bat. I feel you oh anonymous person at the other end of the world. Stay strong. Drink lots of coffee. Its helping me. Kind of.

and to you dear captain: for fucks sake get on with it!


anantha said...

would ensure a series win and boredom all over the universe

The series win is the most important thing.

Hey, by giving them something around 4.8 runs per over, we are ensuring that England will be on the defensive and hence we can use the wearing 4th inning pitch to our benefit. Saw the turn Sachin was getting even on the 3rd day? :)

It's all cool. We give them an hour to bat tonight and that is going to be a long, difficult one hour.

Pri said...

Of course the series win is the most important thing but 2-0 is way more fun than 1-0 especially after the kind of lead we had. i mean why waste the entire day? plus we're playing in england and it can start to pour any minute.
oh well i have full faith in kumble so lets see.

Me said...

Indian team has done that time and again... they lack the killing instinct. How can they first declare - to supposedly give their bowlers, who have bowled just over 100 overs, a "break"? Why not enforce follow-on and go for the final kill? Take a leaf out of the Aussie book? They are really faint hearted to think that they would want to draw this match...

Even if they win this series (2-0), which seems unlikely now, they would have taken the fun and style out of this victory. Very irritating!

soi moi said...

chakkk de.... oo.. chakkk de indiyaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Neha said...

i. want. to. slash. someone's. throat. will the captain step up pls.

award comittee said...

Dear Madam,

We are hereby nominating you in the category of "Turning into the most boring blogger" due to your irreglar posts and boring cricket articles.

We will let you know the results shortly.

TS said...

Zat eez ay lots of maleece for a leettle girl like ewww...

ashish said...

Finally Dravid has proved how to save a Test match so methodically. He is a great gentleman and a super great visionary. His vision of Kevin blasting 100 runs and Vaughn's centuries winning the test match for England, was enough to take a back foot and drive the result to long off victory.

ashish said...

I meant long off draw..

once again said...

yes yes



i mean fuck

i mean choot

i mean dick fuck choot cock

i mean, what are we ranting about plis?

Pri said...

Cricinfo says "And that's it, India celebrate as well they might, congratulating each other and then after a brief huddle in the middle, they start dancing with delight.”


Why is everyone so overjoyed? Sure we haven’t won a series in England for a really long time but does no one care that we lost a match we should have easily won? Is no one embarrassed that we showed absolutely no balls? I’m embarrassed for Dravid and whether he realizes it or not this is one of those incidents people will remember him for long after he retires.

The only person who showed some sort of reaction was Kumble. That Peterson incident was a first. I’ve never seen him that heated up before. It was kind of nice to know I wasn’t the only one upset.

Pri said...

@TS: leetle girl?

@once again: the kirket match fool! be upset. its a national obligation.

@one member award committee: wahat? a girls gotto watch her cricket.
plus all that packing
and all those last minute obligatory social visits.

I love Lucy said...

I still cannot believe that the match ended in a draw!They have forgotten what it feels like to win matches is it?

*Fuming with anger*

Neha said...

oh u didnt hear dravid at the post match did you? he actually said its easy to sit in ur livingrooms and feel disappointed, if i was in my livingroom i wld hv been too. vomit.

RamaG said...

honestly...have we ever showed that we have balls?? NEVER!! i donot know a single incident where there has been a sporting declaration by an Indian captain/team so as to force the result to avoid a lame, uninteresting draw.

but I can cite a couple of instances by stephen fleming and too against the Ozzies.


Arunk said...

yep no balls indeed! All for winning a test series. Me thinks, that ironically, this sort of "defeatist" (playing not to loose) attitude is precisely why we don't win that many test series in the first place!

once again said...

ummm, yea I dont watch cricket. that was the idea :)

Pri said...

@once again: why the fuck not?
tell me if i scare u with the promptness of my replies.

once again said...

cuz I just dont :-)

its soooo boring !!!

and no, the promptness of ur replies does not to be scaring the me .