Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Be careful!!! That's my TV you're moving.

The boxes have been loaded. The house is empty. My room feels weird. I am bed less. I'm sitting on the floor on a chaape and two bedsheets as i type this. Just a while ago i was reading something and i laughed out loud and it echoed. How weird is that?

They packed the TVs. I stared at the empty space for a while when i got home before it finally sunk in. I wasn't even around to supervise the packing. I hope they made sure it was nice and safe.

My last day at work was kind of weird. Not sad, just weird. I did get presents! Gabby gave me lots of pretty nail polish in the most adorable gift bag.

I also got a Starbucks gift card from everyone at work. I got free lunch at that Thai place. A balloon from the Thai restaurant guy and his wife who came all the way to the office to deliver the balloon and the card. But the sweetest moment was at the end of the day. My manicurist kept her shop open way past closing time just for me and when i was leaving she said "You peek cohloh whathevah you waan and you use long thime so when you see cohloh so you can see my face. So you no forget me. Okay Seva?" She calls me Seva. I'm not sure why. She cant say Priya but Seva is not even close.

My boss was being incredibly silly all day. I asked him if he had his speech ready and he went "Oh for your exit?" and I was like "um no, like for when people call for references and stuff." Then he started a pretend speech about how i was fired for being such a nuisance and how i spread TB in the office and some other nonsense. When i was leaving he goes "Hey Pri have your people call my people" or something like that. Gabby kept asking if i was sad and if it felt weird to be doing all these things for the last time. She was very disappointment in my lack of sadness.

I had been warned about the inevitability of misplacing at least a few things during this move. So far i have lost the little plug thingy for one of my laptops and a hairdryer. It was on my bed when i left for work this morning but my bed is no longer here.

It feels really strange to be staring at an empty closet. There's my makeshift bed, an overnight bag, six pairs of shoes [you know for the next two days], my moisturizer, my handbag, a calender that still thinks its June, some dirty laundry and that is it. So empty.


Silvara said...

Ahh...you can't help but feel kinda misplaced yourself when your moving.

On the bright side, not having unpacked everything after you move means you get to have pizza for dinner :D That as always our tradition lol.

Hope the move goes well :D

The Bride said...

Hey... you're no longer going to be the bengloor girl in denver anymore! Sort of stating the obvious.

Su said...

Cleaning out your closet huh ? Physical ones are easier than the emotional ones


Irbaz said...

aww.. i know how it feels moving houses (is that even a word? nevertheless..) i've done that couple of times last year.. but im sure ur old memories will slowly fade away.. anyhoo.. all the best and happy indian independence day!!

Anonymous said...

cheer up!
houston's lowering it's heat to a more spring-like weather to welcome you! you will love this place! and setting up a new home means loads of shopping!!!! :)
would love to read abt a bengloor girl in houston! :)

Ashwin said...

where I work, no one gives us anything.

Instead, we have to buy "mithai" for everyone in the office.

Stupid office!