Friday, August 03, 2007

Meet my new friends!

What do you do when you find yourself madly in love with not one but two pairs of shoes and you cant pick what colour to get because they're both so fabulous?



You get em both fool!

Once the decision has been made you walk as fast as you can towards the register before you spot anything else.


They were shiny. I couldn't help it. [Wait a minute. That's what she said when she got her laptop!]

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Shoes make me happy! AND its my birthday month so i get to treat myself.

p.s. Karen i know who's responsible for all those weird calls you've been getting. Its RBR!

and i quote:

"oh u know wat i did.... i went to all these insurance sites and entered karan's name as koodal karan saying he was interested in insurance. now strange insurance people call him in the middle of the night and heckle him......
The conversation starts off like this: can i speak to mr koodal...
i went to the hyundai site...... and signed him up for service ..... because.. he is shedding hair all over his car seat!

end quote.

Im so sorry this happened to you Karen. You deserve better!

No you dont. Muahahahahahaha.


TS said...

I like the second pair.

The first ones are BTM. Are you BTM?

RBR said...

no im rbr.. how can u confuse me as btm

RBR said...

@priya.......... how could you...
ill get my lawyer to sue u for slander.

IdeaSmith said...

Am here from DesiPundit's recommendation of your 'Love in Tokyo' post. I like your's clean, simple and fun!

freespirit said...

hey...u beat me to my shoe post! Now what will i write about. Am i to be damned to an eternity of blogstipation now? Its all your fault. hmphr!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

i LOVE the first two pairs. and anyone who gets 'it' in more than one colour has my vote!!!

Su said...

What with all the muahahaha's and photos of nailpolishes and shoes offlate ? Not to mention dropping your friends name as an insurance buyer ?

Is pri ok ?

karan said...

Thu. It made me angry. Very angry. Soon i realised this gave a hardon. RBR, could you please ask more insurance companies to call me and talk dirty, no?

chest physician said...

i see they're flat. ur shoes i mean.

Karan said...

@ The fake bitch trying to be Karan who even copied punctation - contact RBR ( and talk dirty with him. He's ready. And probably waiting.

@ Pri - I knew it was him when I got the second call from Hyundai asking for Karan Swamy. The calls haven't stopped. I'll get my revenge.

Also, The Simpsons Movie finally released - Yay!

chest physician said...

why are they flat? ur shoes i mean.

Pri said...

@ts: what it be this btm? i hope its not short for 'BATA MAAL'.

@rbr: oho!

@ideasmith: thank you. and its clean and simple because i don’t know any big words.

@freespirit: this was barely a shoe post. it was a 'i went shopping again wheeeee' post. i write lots of those...
u don’t be making excuses miss. and when i tagged u u did full naatak!

@the ramblings of a shoe fiend: yay i got shoe fiend's blessing y'all! I reach out to touch your manolo blahniks. Aashirwaad dijiye.

@su: the insurance scam was totally rbr's fault. i was just being a good friend and dutifully informing poor koodal karen.

and not to wrry pri is okay. in case u haven’t noticed this blog is incredibly silly. read the about me section for information regarding the same.

@fake karen/chest physician: very funny!

@koodal karen: um okay. may i assist u in you’re revenge taking process?

@chest physician: well they come in all shapes and sizes fool and these one were jessica simpson's so i figured i'd go with them.

scout said...

btm is delhi from behanji turned mod. which itself is the most btm slang in all of delhi.

anyway, i don't think they're btm at all. and the second pair, i'd actually consider killing for.

go you. go shoe.

scout said...

delhi for, btw. not delhi from.

Pri said...

in YOUR revenge taking process.

Pri said...

thanks scout.

Tanmay i am NOT a BTM.

Anonymous said...

yea pri!
i love all three pairs! especially the third one!
nice jazz to formal wear!
and no, they are no way btm!!
also as it's the most raging trend everywhere in the US now!
it takes years for the 'so-called mod-delhites' to figure out that pink is nice! wat say TS?

rbr said...

gue me one of those shoe pairs. i am going to mangalore, i will gue it as a gipt.

Pri said...

@ne: oh im sure ts knows his fashion. wink wink

@rbr: get your own gipt fool

rbr said...

r u jealous that i'm going to mangalore for a specific reason?

Pri said...

no fool. i have access to alcohol right here. i don't need to go to manglur to drink.

wait u mean the OTHER reason?
yeah well all the best with that.

rbr said...

how does it feel to be the second choice?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

The strappy sandals are gorgeous.

Gah, show me a pair of beautiful shoes and I sink into a mire of shallowness.

Oh who cares. When it comes to glorious shoes, anything goes. So hurrah for shallowism!


Broom said...

love the grey/silver ones.