Sunday, August 05, 2007

I aint got time to be coming up with titles. I have to pack and stuff.

I'm not having a very good day y'all. For one the weekend is almost over [mostly cause i got drunk* mid Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the day/night/next day passed out] and it has finally dawned on me that i need to start packing. We're moving in less than two weeks and i have done nothing so far. The problem is i don't know where to start. There are things in various corners of my room I'm scared to go near. The thought of looking through all my crap and deciding what i need to keep and what i need to get rid off makes me miserable.

Since we're hiring a ginormous U haul i see nothing wrong with putting everything i own in huge trash bags and transporting them to the new house. I hear my room has a large walk in closet so i will then transport the bags into said closet and arrange them at a later date [or never] but this idea didn't sit well with mother who is wrapping each spoon, fork, plate, doll [don't ask] in newspaper and bubble wrap and neatly packing and marking box after box after box.

Adding to my misery is the terrible smell of burnt mottai curry [courtesy yours truly]. I was instructed per a note left on the kitchen counter this morning to make mottai curry and rice before mother got home. Now mother only leaves notes when she is upset and not talking to me or when she is in an extremely good mood like yesterday when i found a glazed donut near my car keys with accompanying note "Love mummy. Smiley face".

I know for sure its not the latter so i proceeded to make mottai curry. 5 minutes later i find there are no tomatoes in the fridge so i look for a can and to my dismay find that the entire shelf of canned food missing. I assume they have been distributed among friends or have been bubble wrapped and are currenly in a box marked "formerly useful mottai curry ingredients".

Now how does one make any sort of curry without tomatoes? My wannabe curry had half an onion, 2 spoons of Patak curry paste, 10 chopped [with kitchen scissors] green chillies and water. I figured id add some more water [and hope that it formed the curry part of the mottai curry] and go watch some tv since i owed it to the tv, i had ignored it remember due to the hangover. Big mistake. I came back 40 minutes later to black dried onions. And worse - a burnt pot. I promptly soaked the pot and decided to go with plan B - Instant Puliogare mix! Since the rice [ooh turns out i can make decent rice ... in a rice cooker] was ready and hot i just added a few spoons of the mix and mashed it up and voila lunch was ready but i can unfortunately still smell the remains of Plan A which will also be the first thing that greets mother as she walks in the door.

* Has anyone tried a chocolate decadence martini? It has vodka, Godiva white chocolate, Kahlua and half & half. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.
Unfortunately i spilled some of mine on Corey.

Other fun things i discovered at afternoon gathering.

1. Gabby's fiance [Irbaz and Karen I'm so sorry] is by far the quickest crippled person i have ever met. [The boy is temporarily on crutches after his dirk bike accident but should most definitely be in a cripple race.]

2. Corey is way funnier outside work.

3. Corey's friend Steve is HOT!!!

4. One should not be drinking shots in the middle of the afternoon.

5. One should not sit on backless chairs whilst drinking shots in the middle of the afternoon.

6. When one explores random secret rooms in the corner along with tipsy friend one will be disappointed to find they only have boring tables, a video screen and artificial flowers on each table. Tipsy friend and i checked to confirm that last fact.

7. It is wise to wear flats [yes the news ones. wheeeee] when one goes about exploring random rooms whilst drunk.

p.s Listen to Krish Ashok's lesson on the art of Himesinging. No. One does not have to be drunk to listen to this.


Irbaz said...



TS said...

Point number FOUR.

How I wish I were there!

Ha ha!

KayB said...

whats that cocktail ya pri.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so yummy... damn all i can afford to drink here is vodka on de rocks... eeooowww... anyways gets u drunk!!!

RamaG said...

i can so totally relate to the "burnt-curry and puliogare story". have experienced it myself quite a lot.


Ashwin said...

It's funny... but when you're moving, you realize that you're entire life fits in just a couple of boxes and plastic bags... actually, come to think of it... it's not funny... its a bit depressing.