Sunday, August 05, 2007

Um i think you're making some sort of a mistake.

Technorati [don't you simply love them?] informs me that i feature on this list of top Indian blogs. I was like who? what? seriously? Anyway being very curious to see how this list was decided i emailed the guy who made it.

Further research shows this guy is a mini celebrity. Apparently he's India's first blogger [I'm not quite sure how one proves this fact] and he generally sounds and looks like an incredibly important person [he's wearing a suit in his profile picture] who i doubt is going to be thrilled to see lame email from silly old me with typos [yeah i didn't bother checking before i hit send and now i realise oops typos] Oh well lets see if our friend replies. I think the whole thing was a mistake. Some 8 people read my blog, six of them being Karen [from his mobile phone, regular computer, office computer etc...]

I also think after he receives my email he will realise his mistake and promptly take me off the list. Until then im kinda famous y'all [along with the um 200 other bloggers featured on there]. Also does anyone know if there's a trophy involved?

p.s If you're actually looking at the link I'm the last blog featured under personal blogs.


Twisted DNA said...

LOL. Stop trying to get yourself off of the list :) Be nice to the guy!

I didn't receive any trophy so far. May be you and I should exchange one for each other. May be I should start working on my vote of thanks..
"It's an honor being featured among the likes of Pri..."

shub said...

Ayyo, amma pliss to accept the imaginary trophy gracefully, look into camera, give cheesy grin aand pliss to give oscar-style speech-u! God promiiise we won't throw tomatoes-u!

Janefield said...

congrats! :)

psychologist said...

y do u want to be taken off the list?

once again said...

my my :-)

dude, i swear I posted a message on ur previous post

where r u moving too !? [finally tho, like seriously, denvor :p]

and I dreammtt of u :D

I love Lucy said...


karen said...


Krish Ashok said...

In case you noticed, I am listed under "Music" alongside another dude who is a total heavyweight audio blogger.

But you are wrong about your readership. I also read your blog from my office comp, home comp, wife's comp, mobile phone, and also full colour printouts.

TS said...

Very Cool Pri. I must say.

And BTM = Behenji Turn Mod(ern)!

La la la la la la...

Pri said...

@twisted dna: yeah work on that speech. i definitely like the sound of it. you're not allowed to use upendra as your inspiration person though. he's already taken.

@shub: nooooooooooooooooo i need a real trophy. and it has to be shiny too cause we all know how much i like shiny.

@janefield: ess ess all begaas of varry kind readers such as yourself.

@psychologist: i dont fool. im just in shock thats all.

@once again: liar! where i dont see nothing.
and tell me more about the dream.
like what was i wearing?

@i love lucy: manymanythanksree

@karen: thanks fool especially since you constitute like 75% of my readership.

@krish ashok: ess ess i have noticed but i think you're in the wrong category. i also think im in the wrong category. maybe we should email suitman again.

@ts: yeah scout translated. how dare u even suggest that?

KayB said...

ooooooo yeahhhh... your famous now!!!! congrats jee... u want druss for award ceremony????

Indianoguy said...


I agree, you are in the wrong category, you should have been under "Spirituality and Philosophy"..I keed..I keed..Congrats

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you're up there in good company too! and the latest post is a riot and explains why we wuv reading you. :)

Anonymous said...

Now thats something to talk about.. Congratulation! :)

Ashwin said...