Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gmail banter

One last nonsensical post before i'm off. You know how recently mother discovered my "other laptop" but strangely never asked me about it, well she did today. "What is that other part of your laptop? Its in that bag don't forget to pack it." I look at her like are you serious? "It was always there aa? I hadn't realised only." :)

I leave you with some gmail banter between Biker dude and yours truly.

The hellos
What is the ups? You have quit it off the office aa?
When you moving to Gujarat (ie How stone)?

How stone? Friday maarning or maybe even tumaarow yevening time we may be departing. where u have been? thu one big fat flying insect just sat on my laptop. don't know where it came from. bloody fool.

How stone = Houston. In US also insects are there aa? Where from it came? You're having flat or house? With or without verandah/garden?
What your gabby shabby and all will do without you? Why y'all want to move anyways?

eh thu how many times u r asking y to move and all. ready over we're going.
gabby shabby will be fine.
usa only that is why i am shocked as to y there is a flying object here. scary.
rt now it is house. i wouldn't call it a garden. ppl here dont have gardens. they have yards. we have a yard. Swaaturday onwards it will be apt.

What is a yard wheeze ah wheeze a garden?
Chumma some pullu they will grow and mow lawn in shorts on sunday aa?
Howstone temperature at this time of year will be hmm :p I was there exactly this time last year.

reeely? come again no. ill even go to that Ethiopian place. i wont eat anything but ill stare at the waiters.
and yes they wear short shorts and do mowing kelsas. i gawk.

One uggly waiterni only was there. Quite sad.
Actually the Ethiopian place was alright types. I was only surprised cos the food was vez and very Indian.
Acha about lawns. Nobody will sit on lawn with aloo parathas and blaring transistor aa? India means full they will do no?
I believe some insect called Lime Tic will bite bum if you sit in US lawn and you will die off it seems. True aa?

i havent heard of it. sometimes they will put muzeek. depending on neighbourhood. white tish people will not.
this is going to sound very racist but im actually looking forward to seeing multicoloured people. colorado is too white for me.
heeeeeeee im so going to use that in houston.

random person: what made u move to houston?
me: oh colorado was too white for me
random person: im sorry?
me: um i meant the snow.

Pls note correction in the response:
random person: what made u move to houston?
me: oh colorado was too white for me
random person: im sorry?
me: yeah, me too.

im so going to use both,

Oh boss I must tell you this story - once I went to Shell grocery store in Houston and bought something. As is normal case, I have immediately read badge of sales assistant which was Rosa. I have thought ok must be Latina and I have continued with purchase. Until she said "Thaaat-uh vill be dwendy dole-ayzhs and dherty cenduh."

Ha ha I have rubbed hands in glee and immediately asked "Naad evideya?" (where is your native place) Which is the social equivalent of "Oota aaytha" in Malayalam. Full family history I have heard and then she has given bloody dherty zents disgound. Never I went back again.

heeeee you're funny. we're funny.

Hai na? And single yay :(
I think single people are the most funny- because we try to ensnare prospectives with wit and humour- you follow? After marriage full gurrr we will sit.
Did you read the bit about Mallu shop assistant or zoned out after first sentence? Boo.

i did. some rosakutti or something.
and some married ppl r funny too
namely ure doww
and farhan akhtar. i would so do farhan akhtar.

Please who is farhaan akhtar kidding with that head band?

why does everyone say HEADBAND as soon as i say farhan akhtar?

i think this conversation needs to go on me blog. its funny.
or maybe im just high on cashew nuts and its not very funny at all,

Headband: was Farhan Akhtar's trademark fashion accessory a few years ago. Full orange colour it was. Whatever, i always thought!
Ok Im going to Ullas Refreshment for lunch.

I will depart with the following ridiculous conversation that happened yesterday when a choir mate called Jonas (huge blond swede) visited home in the night. As he was walking down driveway:

Grandmothers window flies open -
Booming voice: Yaaru?
Jonas: Silence
Booming voice: Who is it?
Jonas: Err.
Booming voice: All right.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. your ajji also stays with u aa? or random ajji? heeeeeeee
so funny.

Next house she stays. Full she is.
Ok Im off now. mwah


I love Lucy said...


fullll lack of sleep aa?

or too much senti-senti stuff happening off aa?

The Bride said...

Priceless. I agree with the "After marriage full gurrr we will sit"

the saint said...

Happy Birthday!

??! said...

much wonderfulness.
also, ethiopian food is remarkably similar to Indian, and amazingly for African cuisine, a large proportion is actually veg. and the anjeera!

Bikerdude said...

Why ma Pri full world youre torturing with this nonsense I say.

Tty in Howshtone- Yensoy!

Renie said...

Hi Pri, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs and pick up an Indian Independence badge, thanks!

kannada learning student said...
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