Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Miss me

Do not be alarmed if you don't see updates on this blog for a bit. No i didn't suddenly get a life. I'm just moving mine to a different state and as dulhanjee rightly pointed out i wont be the bengloor girl in Denver anymore but ill still be me and as soon as i find some kind person to come fix my high speed internet I WILL BE BACK. *evil laugh*

Tomorrow i have the agonizing task of driving to my local Comcast office to return [sniff] the little black box that helps me access the internet. This will not be easy [sob] but i think i will survive thanks to the wonderful people at Verizon and their mobile web service. Send me lots of messages because i will be checking my email every 5 minutes, just to make sure its still there.

In other news i finally got my car washed. The last time i tried to wash it this happened. Today's wash however was a 45 minute mini makeover which was fucking expensive, but totally worth it. I have never seen so much mold.... Anyway its all clean and shiny now and smells like lemon cake. The seats have been shampooed and i can finally see the carpet. Its a pretty shade of grey. Who knew? The best part was that i didn't have to do a thing. I sat around on the little bench outside and made a bunch of phone calls. It was breezy and drizzly and fabulous and i know what you're thinking, who in their right mind goes to get their car washed when its raining? but like i said, the mold. And its whats inside that counts no?

Mother just came bursting into my room. She demanded to know what i was doing playing on the computer [?] when there was so much to do. I asked her what she meant by so much and she looked at me like i was crazy and pointed at the shoes in one corner of my room. I told her they would take a minute to place in the car. Then she plonked herself beside me and i could hear this deep sigh which was kinda scary because it went on for like 3 minutes. I was like "Ma are you okay?" but she didn't appreciate the smirk that followed and promptly kicked me and stomped off only to return a minute later to ask me a very important question. "What kind of snacks should i buy in the morning for the journey?" My plan to stop at every Starbucks on the way was rejected. "Wahat? They have good banana bread" to which she went "Fine! I'm buying what i want. Don't bug me if you get hungry."

Mother is in desperate need of sleep, but I know her, she wont sleep a wink. What annoys her most is my nonchalance. I know she would like very much for me to join her in the unnecessary worrying about every mundane detail and that i refuse to do. Nope. Its my last few hours with my laptop, well with this ip address anyway and i am not about to spend it worrying about snacks and padlocks and directions and gas and change for the toll. Oh wait i do have to make sure my Cd's haven't been packed away. I am going to need every one of those Cd's. 17 hours is no joke.

I'll see y'all in Texas. Ta.


Silvara said...

Good luck for your trip! And try not to drive each insane on was a REALLY bad pun :P

See you soon and take care!! :D

rebel said...

Bengaloor girl in texas now! :)
Anyways, thr must be an official worrier for every event -- moving, packing, wedding, engagement etc. etc. It s more like a rule.. So, you should just let them do what they r good at doin :)

Anonymous said...

changing url?

I love Lucy said...

Good luck with the move!

K.B. said...

awww pri im gonna miss u... like i didn from 2005! wish i cud help u pack!!! have lots of experiance in that!! heehe... i could have taken so much of ur "i dont want them but i have them things"
anyways.. have a safe trip... and dont fall asleep driving!!!

Sharma's Karma said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods :) (I'm in Austin)

Su said...

Bengloorgirl in transit :) If you change your URL, you might lose your cool blog ranking. Ha :)

Ashwin said...

Texas... cowboys and chainsaw freaks aye?

Yes! My knowledge of the west is limited to the movies I watch :P

Anonymous said...

Ta. See you soon.


snake charmer said...

i hear texas is full of rattle snakes!