Thursday, August 09, 2007

Out my foot!

Great! We have visually challenged Bucknor at one end and now this deaf idiot at the other. You don’t be giving people out lbw when there’s a loud nick fool, especially when these people happen to be DADA!

You know how people complain about us never winning test series abroad. You know why? It’s the Ghost of Bucknor i tell you. For some reason he is always umpiring in the last and most important test. Remember the series in Australia? Sure Steve Waugh was being a pain in the ass and refusing to get out [since it was his farewell test and all] but the real reason we didn’t win was Bucknor and his refusal to give anything out that last day. What hope do we have of winning this series with these two in charge?

Please God, give them their sight and hearing back even if it’s just a temporary thing.
I promise ill be good.


I love Lucy said...

You have been tagged!

I love Lucy said...

I'll be good

means no more shopping and splurging?

Anonymous said...

We'll still win.


kabir khan said...

Thu. Why dont you watch 'Chak De'. It will take your mind off cricket, no?

Amit said...

Hi Priya,

How are you? I'm from Gurgaon. I am a fairly regular reader of your blog, but this is the first time I'm posting a comment. I find your blog very interesting; though I can't usually post because my office blocks all URLs with "blogger" in them, and I don't have a comp at home right now (I'm browsing at a cyber cafe).

I used to have a blog on blogger but I can no longer post to it. So I've recently started a new one on LiveJournal.

You said in one of your past posts that you would like to know who your regular readers are; So I thought I'd just drop in and say hi.

Take care,

Rebellion said...

LOLLL. Whats your definition of being good, pri? ;P

Btw, patriotism is in full form, around Independence day, I like it :)

k said...

being good means being good to yourself aa?

hairy hairy quite contrary said...

Err. May I question why haven't you updated your blog yet? We are waiting, no?

shub said...

Do you update only on weekdays? When you're supposed to be working? :P