Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nothing makes me happier than a super fun filmy song.

Songs that make me instantly happy and by instantly happy i mean jump up and dance inappropriately happy:

Maurya Maurya - Don

Tenu leke mein jaavanga - Salaam e ishq

Aaja Nachle - Delhi Heights

Dhadak dhadak - Bunty aur Bubly

Chunari chunari - Biwi number one [Put Rahul idiot from Monsoon Wedding in it and i like even more]

Beedi - Omkara

Namak - Omkara [with all the hype over 'Beedi' people ignored the brilliance of this song]

Dil mein baji guitar - Apna sapna money money

Balle balle - from that awful movie 'Bride & Prejudice'

Ande ka funda - Jodi no 1 [has a Srilankan Baila vibe to it]

The flute song - Remo Fernandez [Its available on Search for it. Totally worth it]

Hawa hawa [the remix version] - available on [album - Solid hits 2]

Hamma hamma - Bombay [I'm biased to the Tamil version]

Aika dajeeba - Vaishali Samant [super fun video too]

And then there's this one. Maybe i was Maharashtrian in my last life.

This list only contains the songs that make me instantly happy AND that are danceable to.
Coming soon - a list of songs that make me instantly happy that i cant dance to ... without looking ridiculous that is.

I love that we live in an age where some random song can pop into your head and you can do a quick search and be listening to it in less than 2 minutes.

So what songs make you happy? Tell me the filmy ones.


Bikerdude said...

Remo's flute song always reminds me of closing time at a pub!
The moment I hear "ki kiri kiri, ki kiri kiri", I'm like uh oh types.

UndeniablyBlah said...

Whereby petai is meaning market place (tam)and it has prabhudeva in his goofiest best! Google it!

btw, I'm a BIG fan :D

Pri said...

@undeniablyblah ofcourse I'm familiar with petai rap. I'm Tamizh ponn after all. I used to own kadhalan audio cassette and all.