Friday, June 22, 2007

Quiet time

I will henceforth NOT be communicating with either Miss Gabby or Miss/Mr. Brittany. The bitches were supposed to take me to go see the Gay Pride Parade this Sunday and now they have changed their minds. A HEAT issue supposedly. I have been looking forward to this cultural event for weeks. I was planning on taking lots of fun pictures and making lots of fun observations and then blogging about it and now I can’t. Soupie thinks I should go by myself but it would be rather sad for a straight girl to show up at the Gay pride parade all ALONE with no friends - straight or gay.

edited @ 11:26 pm:

Some interesting rules and regulations i found on the parade website:

Cross-dressing is a significant part of our heritage. Both serious and comic male and female impersonations are welcome in the parade, providing that such presentations adhere to all rules governing parade dress codes. The Committee reminds all participants that all costumes and other apparel worn in the PrideFest Parade must comply with the Obscenity Statues of the State of Colorado and the Public Decency Ordinances of the City and County of Denver. [Damn it! Hooker heels are still okay though right?]

No participant may use profanity, obscene gestures, or other improper conduct towards another participant, Committee member, parade official or spectator of the parade.
[Wahat? Why?]

PrideFest Parade participants are required to stay in their designated order. No "jumping" or crowding of other entrants will be allowed. Retaliation for discourteous or insulting gestures, name-calling or heckling only brings further abuse.
[No jumping or heckling? What is this communion time at church?]


No participant may throw any item from any float or other unit in the parade. THIS INCLUDES BEACH BALLS [?], WATER PROPELLED FROM SQUIRT GUNS [nooooooooooooooo] AND OTHER DEVICES.
[What about water balloons? Are those allowed?]

In the event that an entry wishes to make any distribution [Free stuff? Awesome!] of an item such as beads, flowers, condoms, or similar items, such distribution must be made in person by persons walking along the parade as part of an officially registered entry.
[Right so if one were to walk over and gently place a condom in the hands of a passerby whilst garlanding them with a fun beaded necklace that would be totally okay?]

No sexually explicit material may be distributed by any participant in the parade.
[So no 'Boys gone wild' videos?]

No confetti, streamers, or other types of materials, including glitter, may be thrown or distributed by any parade entry.
[You have got to be kidding me! A glitter-less gay parade?]

In spite of all the "rules" i can imagine how much fun this would have been. Damn you Brittany & Gabby. I cant believe I'm going to miss this because of you two.
You suck!


Anonymous said...

Awww... :(


Bikerdude said...

Well it would have been the safest place in Colrado for a demure Injun girl like you for sure, even if you had decided to go alone!