Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm so making this an annual event!

So my sulking finally paid off and Brittany and Gabby agreed to take me to go see the pride parade. Only Britt was having a slight problem with her um health so she wasn't sure if she could come. But nothing was going to stop us. We were determined to go to this event and so on a Sunday when i normally crawl out of bed in the middle of the afternoon i was dressed and ready to leave the house at 8:45 am. I told mother i was going to a picnic. Now we all know mother already thinks i might be a lesbian so i figured why confuse her some more. Plus i should've really been going to church so telling her i was going to the Gay pride parade instead would've been a little much for her to handle.

So off we went, two little girls with no sense of direction calling Britt every five minutes for assistance. "Take a left on the exit i told you and follow the detours until you see gay people" she said and so we did just that. We spotted our first gay boy at the parking ticket machine. It wouldn't take his money and he was very upset. Giggly but upset in a bright red shirt with lots of glitter on it. He was with three other women but he seemed to really like Gabby and me ... more than his three friends, Gabby thought. He made small talk with us, handed his friend some lip gloss and rubbed his hands together nervously until the machine finally gave him his parking ticket. We walked towards the tents and then ran the last mile when we heard the parade. For the next hour we stood in the hot sun cheering, giggling and taking lots of pictures.

During the next hour we saw:

This guy who was standing right behind us on roller skates. He would shake his neck uncontrollably every time the music played.

The Leetle pink fairy.

This super fierce boy. Gabby yelled FABULOUS as he strutted his stuff looking very pleased with himself.

Then there was this fabulous lady

We also spotted the hot gay boy section. We put our cameras down and just stared. Gabby also claims she saw a boy with three nipples. Sadly I cannot confirm this. We also saw this one boy in tight leather pants who was catwalking all over the place like it was his very own runway show.

Then there was this colourful group. I couldnt pick a favourite here.

We also spotted three different people with ankle bracelets. I guess when its time to represent its time to represent! Who gives a shit about jail?

Ooh and the free stuff. We got free condoms [that we're handing over to Corey], a lesbian music CD [anyone interested?] and some lubricant. No candy :(
At one point we got hungry and we had only 12 coupons left between the two of us which was enough to buy only one exotic sandwich. Then we looked around for some shade and sat down under a tree. I almost sat on this one girl with lots of underarm hair [or so Gabby claims] anyway said girl didn't seem too concerned. Her partner however kept glaring at Gabby. We think she might have overheard the underarm comment. It was only as we were walking towards the car when Gabby asked me if i had realised where we were sitting. "It was the lesbian corner you idiot." I don't know how i had missed that earlier but thinking about it now i realise there were absolutely no men around. They probably thought we were a couple too ... sharing one sandwich and all.

Other fun sightings
We saw this one lady we knew who chose to ignore us even though we were standing like two feet away from her. Bitch! We think this was because she was there with some other lady and not her partner.

Fun tee shirt on one boy that read "I like girls...who like girls"
and another one that said "Heterophobic" and then there was this adorable car

Desi Sightings

I spotted a gay Desi couple. I was so proud! One half of the couple was even hot. Also one Desi auntyjee in a white salwar and tennis shoes had a stall set up and was selling some ugly bandhini clothes. We also saw this random desi dude trying to cross the road right in the middle of the parade. Gabby pointed him out to me excitedly and it was so funny because he just looked completely misplaced. We concluded that he was just passing through or was lost. Anyway I had THE most fabulous time ever and to think i thought Denver was boring!

p.s. Gabby took lots more awesome pictures, even one of two boys mock humping and one tall dude in glittery underwear. I cannot put those up here because this is a PG - 17 blog. Email me if you really want to see. Yes Karen, rbr, irbaz i'll email you the pictures. You dont need to ask.


freespirit said...

wow! looks like u guys had a lot of fun. And Gay desi outing in public...ahaa now thats a new one :)

The Bride said...

When I was in NY last year, went to a lesbian bar with cousin (straight) and some lesbian friends who immediately told me: "You can be spotted as straight from a mile off". Hmph - and I fancy myself a bisexual.

Anyway cousin and I were hit on by lesbian desi girl who was rejected because she was one goodlooking enough to switch sexualities for (me) and she lived in New Jersey (cousin).

Anyway cousin instructed me to tell her mother that there are indeed gay people in India because her mum refused to believe it. At the uni I was in in India, it was so intellectually fashionable to be gay that I felt I was rebelling by declaring my heterosexuality (bisexuals were negated as cowards) and *gasp* getting married.

Pri said...

@freespirit: OMG it was so much fun and it was really refreshing to see some desi representation out there.

@the bride: jeez! what university did u go to?

Bikerdude said...

And here I am sitting in Jhumri Talaiyya (err Bangalore) with none of these fun things to do. Whaaaaat I say.

karthikeyan said...

Just updated your blog in the bangalore bloggers list.


It would be great if you can add a link of bangalore bloggers list in your blog.


TS said...


Gay pride parades make me wish I were gay... :(

once again said...


read: i am shouting and all :)

pretty please, send me the pics !!!

The Visitor said...

Hi Pri see the Regenbogen Parade in Vienna