Sunday, June 17, 2007

IIFA commentary

I watched the IIFA awards today with mother who happened to be in a very talkative mood. I had the privilege of listening to the following running commentary throughout the show.

When Dharmendra was on stage with his two weepy sons - "Oho! Why he didn't bring his daughters also on stage? Eediot fellow."

At AB & AB.2 - "Both father and son need to shave, chee disgusting it looks!"

At Kangana Ranaut's outfit - "Oh my god! What is she wearing? What can you not see?"

On Shilpa Shetty's dancing - "Why she is shaking only one side? She will dislocate her hip."

On Karan Johar: "Aah i like this boy a lot. See so neatly he's come off. I want to have coffee with him."

During the clip of the new Gandhi film: "What nonsense! Gandhi didn't look like that. Oh he is sitting on some seat aa? I thought why he is wearing a flared skirt?"

On Anil Kapoor: "You think his hair and moustache are both wigs aa?"

On Akshaye Khanna: "Who is that chapraasi fellow next to Anil Kapoor?"

On Lara Dutta's diction: "Who is she? So nicely she is talking no? Oho from Bangalore aa? That's why."

My favourite parts of the show - the Beedi performance, Shabana Azmi's beautiful saree. Anyone know who made it? Shilpa Shetty's crotch hugging pants - I didn't like them but it was fun watching mother make faces at the TV and finally Ritesh Deshmukh's new haircut. Who knew he was an Upendra fan?


TS said...

I think our Mommies will get along famously!

I saw the awards for a bit yesterday; it was nice to see that Tushar fellow get an award for Golmaal.

Anonymous said...
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The Bride said...

Hahaha mums are the best! My mum's favourite comment is "What ridiculous!"

GB said...

Wow...your mum sounds a lot like mine. She watched 'Cheeni Kum' and liked the performances but said that the film gives out wrong ideas to old men who will be encouraged to lust after young women and therefore promote ill-fated marriages which will therefore ensure the non-happiness of children, the country, the future and the universe.

Anonymous said...

I was happily eating Nachoes at a Tex Mex restaurant while Shilpa Shetty was dancing away to glory... No idea abt any other things...
Was the show worth it?
Heard my Mom yap abt it on phone the other day...

Ashwin said...

Er... maybe it's just me... and I've only seen her in Metro, but when I was paying attention to what she was saying, I found that Kangna Ranaut has a funny way of talking. Ijjit?