Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fascinating afternoon discoveries

So i read this and then i saw this picture and i was like OMG perfect!

Yeah i'm lame like that. I'm also super bored.


once again said...

:) that is so true tho :)

and in your previous post childrens you sort of did forgets to mention !? how "Exactlty" did the mother react at the sudden display of adulthood meets indulgence read resistance thus result being new shiny laptop [which one which one]

Pri said...

well mother left my laptop on the couch yesterday and then in the evening she apologised to me! i felt like a complete bitch and now i don't know how to tell her that i went out and bought a new one. i don't know what to do. So much for making adult decisions.

also boy do your tag!

Pri said...

oh and its a compaq with lots of memory [man at the store said] and it has the S video thing, um its shiny and can u tell i have no idea what im talking about?

once again said...

i am unwell, and unwell people simply love new shiny gifts to cheer them up.


Rebellion said...

LOLLL. I like that. heheehe. Guess that proves, I'm super bored too :P

Anonymous said...


Was that also supposed to follow? :)