Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Your WHAT in a box?

I've been waiting for You Tube to post my video here. They told me it would appear shortly. Its been more than shortly and i dont see it. So you will just have to click on the link to watch it. Okay? And if the video appears eventually then that will be fantabulous but as of now im running out of patience and i need my sleep.

I watched this today. I know. Very mature. I happened to watch it at work. I know. Very professional. [By the by that is JT in the video. You're welcome Kb.]

Attention all anonymous readers [yes YOU] and Lady who tries to market Mary Kay products in the comment section of my blog: Today for the first time i heard the word 'sleuth' being said out loud. Now i am aware of the existence of such a word [Thank you Nancy Drew] but I've never actually used it mostly because I've never heard anyone else use it and honestly until today i wasn't really sure how to pronounce it. I still don't see myself needing to use it ever.
I'm sure there are more such words I've read in books that i haven't the slightest idea how to pronounce and I'm trying to come up with one right now but my mind is drawing a blank. Anyone? [Yes and i ask because i have such a participative audience. Say something betch!]


durkhaima said...

Pri, if you are talking about adding the you tube video on the blog. You can do it yourself, lemme know if you wanna do that, I can tell you how

Ashwin said...

laser cannon

I know how to pronounce these of course... but I don't think they'll ever come up in any normal, everyday conversations.

Anonymous said...

golly , karen used a laser cannon and a particle-accelerator to wax his chest hair . now people point at him and call him poppycock. he also looks like a pixie

i used most of them in a sentence ..........heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Brown Magic said...

i am stunned at you not having seen that digital short before (its from SNL when JT hosted months ago - which fair enough no one watches SNL anymore, but no one emailed that to you? you should yell at your friends). Also, youtube the response video called box in a box. seriously.

Pri said...

@durkhaima: i know how to do it. at least i thought i did.

@ashwin: oh but i use elope all the time and wtf is a laugh whore?

@ anon: show off! and all this tension between u and karen. do something. make a move.

@bm: i know! my friends suck. also box in a box isnt as fun.

Ashwin said...

laugh whore: someone with an overwhelming desire to be funny, i.e. they feed on laughter.