Monday, May 07, 2007

New taps, the gay pride parade, moving, staying kuwaanra and chat room predators

Really, i couldn't have managed to talk about more unrelated topics if i tried.

My mother just randomly asked me today if i chat with strangers in online chat rooms. I'm guessing she's been watching her Lifetime movies again. After i had finished laughing i told her no. "Well then why are you always on the computer?" she wanted to know. I tried to explain to her that there's gtalk and orkut and blogs. Gtalk she sorta knew about. "Oh that thing Soupie always calls you on. Why didn't she call you today?" I explained to her how we both needed to be online for that to happen. Orkut also she was familiar with. When i first joined orkut i showed her profiles of my old classmates she knew well and of course gay cousin who doesn't know he's gay yet's fun profile and funner album. This blog thing however she was confused about. I reminded her of that link i had sent her to Ammani's blog. "Remember all those short stories you read that you liked so much? Well that was from a blog. And there are different kinds of blogs you know about cricket, about different issues, personal stuff and some made up stuff like Ammanis's stories." Her next question was if i wrote one. I lied. I don't want her reading my blog ever. "But why don't you have one? You're my daughter. You should be able to write" she said sounding very disappointed. I hated to disappoint her but i have a strict no family policy when it comes to my blog. Well at least she was now reasonably satisfied that i wasn't chatting with child predators online. I did remind her that i was not a child anymore but parents are brilliant at ignoring that line every single time.

Okay it's announcement time. Drum roll..........We're moving!!! And I'm delighted. I've liked Colorado just fine but i knew it could never be home. I'm a city girl. I like my tall buildings and noisy traffic. Where i live i see mountains and horses on the way to work. I'm not lying. Also just now on the local news the headlines was about how they found some germs on some balls at a Local fast food chain's play area. I mean just the fact that that made the headlines got on my nerves and so I'm super duper happy that we're moving to Houston. Hopefully the headlines will be a little less lame and a little more dramatic there. I visited there one summer when i was 16 and i worked at the local Dairy Queen. Now before you get excited this was not that type of Dairy. Its an ice cream place where they have the yummiest Georgia Mud Fudge blizzards [the only kind of blizzard i like]. That's another reason why I'm ready to move. No more effing snow. Ive had enough. Just this last winter was plenty for one lifetime. I hear it rains a lot in Houston though which i like. The heat i can deal with. There's always air conditioning. We're not moving for a couple of months though but i hope I'll still be here for the gay pride parade. Brit said she'd take Gabby and me to go see it this year. I'm so excited. Also Britt's five St. Bernard's will be accompanying us. Supposedly the St. Bernard rescue has their own float and all the dogs dress up as transvestites.So much fun. I cant wait. You know what else i cant wait to do? Tell my mum about this exciting parade ill be going to. Bwahahahahahaha. [Brit if you're reading this - No telling anyone at work yet about me moving. Okay? Except Gabby. She knows.]

Moving on... I got new taps for my sink yesterday and so far the water has been flowing very nicely. In the past however I've had taps do all sorts of strange things to the water. I've had it come out all high pressury and squirty. Other times I've had it get all lifeless and drippy and occasionally i have encountered the gushing waterfall. Luckily i have no such problems with my new taps. However i now find that the cold water and the hot water aren't mixing well enough to form the required amount of warmness i need to wash my face with. Its like i can feel the cold part of the water and i can feel the hot part of it but honestly i shouldn't be able to feel them individually. Its sort of like drinking coffee and you can taste the coffee, milk and sugar all individually but not together. Is any of this making any sense to you or do you just think I'm a complete nutcase?

In other exciting news i got my hair cut on Saturday and it feels all bouncy and shiny. I like! Unfortunately the nice lady who cut it smelled like cigarettes and some type of dog. Not cool.

If anybody from ABC is reading this blog I'd like to say Thank you! This Thursday you gave us not one but TWO whole hours of Grey's Anatomy. You didn't have to do that you know. It was just a normal TV week. Its not like you were competing with the Academy Awards coverage on a rival network or anything. It wasn't even Season finale week and yet you were kind enough to do this. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Now will you please make 'Notes from the Underbelly' an hour long hour show? Please? Pretty please?

In more exciting news from this weekend i was waiting for 'Koffee with Karan' to start [dont you envy my happening social life?] on the very fascinating Star One channel and they always play these strange songs that no one's ever heard before from B grade movies that no one's ever heard of before to kill time before show time. So anyway this song begins. It's from the movie 'Jaan' starring Twinkle Khanna and Ajay Devgan and the first line is "Shaadi ke baad mein marjaauu to gham nahinnnnn........kuwaanra nahi marnaaa' and after laughing hysterically for five minutes i realised i know lots of people who probably think like that. Sad. I know. Oh well i guess death isn't a terrible option if you're named TWINKLE.

Have yourselves a great week!

p.s. Is it okay to think Ugly betty's geeky non boyfriend is hot? This is him looking not so geeky. And worse is it terribly inappropriate/illegal to think Ugly betty's kid cousin is hot? I'm totally imagining him much older of course. I looked for a picture of the kid to link here but im too ashamed to post it. He's like twelve.


Anonymous said...

It looks great

Pri said...

um. what does?

Anonymous said...

pri actaully your talks with daddy are far more hilarious and thinks u should put one of those on ur blog:)
and also did u watch koffee... wiht rakhi sawant ?? man it was soo funny and tht woman is sooo damn fake my god! n ugly to add in the least.

Pri said...

You know the one thing Rakhi Sawant isn't is fake. She's definitely more than a bit odd and she says the most ridiculous things but I sorta like her for not being afraid to be her weird self. Learn to look beyond the boobage Chinkleton.

Anonymous said...

I never thougt I would say this but I think i will cry and be very depressed when you move ( remember when w hated each other! LOL) I guess I will have to come visit you in Texas!

Do you realize you will be missing C's wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However will you get over that!

Carved Garnet said...

Pri, when did Rakhi Sawant come on Koffee With Karan?? How the hell did I miss that episode????

Bea said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.