Thursday, May 10, 2007

Food glorious food

So I read this recently and I had this food flashback that I must must share with you. If you live in Bangalore and have not tried any of these things in any of these places do so NOW. And if you’re planning on visiting Bangalore any time soon do as many of these places as possible. Its not like there's much sight seeing to do in Bangalore anyway. I planned to do all of this the last time I went home but really 10 days isn’t enough.

Chilli babycorn - Nagarjuna Savoy. My first waiter crush when I was 14 happened to happen here. [I have heard rumours about an afternoon male stripper joint in the same parking lot. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this.]
Baby corn Manchurian - Shiv Sagar [No seriously. It’s really good.]
Sweet corn chicken soup - Rice Bowl [My favouritest restaurant as a kid. The quality of food is not the same anymore but nobody makes sweet corn chicken soup like Rice Bowl.]
Crackling spinach - Mainland China [Turns out anything deep fried in grease is delicious. Even spinach.]
Deep fried Corn kernels - Beijing Bites
Mangalore style prawns - Unicorn [must be eaten with rice and rasam]
Chicken momos at this place somewhere in Banaswadi. [My computer just offered ‘Bonsai’ as a spell check option for Banaswadi. Heeeeeeee!] Soupie, do you remember what that restaurant is called? Also make sure you ask for take away or delivery. It’s not a very um social place [unless you’re a hooker or a hooker in training. Yeah long story.]
Schezuan Prawn [extra spicy] - Mainland China
Masala Dosa - Chalukya [Remain seated in your car to enjoy the whole experience. They will bring you this wooden board that acts as a make shift table. Lots of fun.]
Masala Dosa - Airlines Hotel [also known as Tivoli Garden. Do watch out for crotch digging parking attendant.]
Filter kaapi - Airlines Hotel [Tell them you know RBR to claim 50% discount.]
Gulab Jamun - Bhagatram Sweets [Try not to scrutinize the cooking area.]
Badam milk [cold] - Anand Sweets
Kaju Pista Kalash - Tiwari Brothers Sweets
Motichoor Ladoo - Tiwari Brothers
Chocolate Mousse Cake - Sweet Chariot
Pineapple cake - Taj Cake shop
Chilli Chiken and Chicken Biryani [Andra style] - RR/Amravati/Nagarjuna/Bheemas.[Andra Food anywhere is delicious]
Pista ice cream in a paper cup [must be eaten with the tiny wooden spoon it comes with] - Joy ice cream available at any Nice Iyengar Bakery. [Nice because all Iyengar bakeries are nice.]
Tutti fruity bread - Iyengar Bakery
Chicken kaali mirch - Richies
Paneer korma - Shanthi Sagar
Chow chow baath - Shanthi Sagar
Moosambi Juice - Bowring stall
Onion samosa - MCC canteen
Fresh Donut - MCC canteen [available at 11 o’ clock sharp give or take a class]
Alu Tikki - outside the Janata Bazaar on Nandidurga Road
Mocha cake - Coffee Day
Frappe - Coffee Day
Pineapple passion - Corner House
Peach Melba [Without the peaches; ask only for the juice they keep the peaches in] - Corner House
Bhel Puri - Outside Plaza theatre. [If you’re North Indian Yes he puts carrots in it. Stop being a snob and try it.] I have to state here my hatred for bhel puri with potatoes. WTF? That is not acceptable. They sold it at my school canteen. Terrible stuff.

Any suggestions?

edited @ 12:58 am: Tiramisu at Painted Platter. [Thanks Chinkleton]
Also if you've ever been to a Muslim wedding in Bangalore and Zacharaya has catered - their Mutton biryani and pepper chicken. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm!

I have a feeling this list will be edited a lot in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

pri here...yknow thats exactly like my list of things you hafta eat in blore...esp all the desserts you were talkin about(long live corner house!!) n the masala dosa in airlines...jus to add to the list - double scoop chocolate icecream in MCC canteen...dont you agree??

chinkles said...

hey piggu wht about the veg burger at kfc for me ;) and the yummy samosa chaat in raj's shop...n theres one really nice restaurant called mast kalander...yummy northy time u come thats on ur list most definately! and the beuatipully decorated desserts in painted platters....n the cherry litchi pastry from sweet chariot....

The Bride said...

I remember you commented on my blog asking what I ate when I went to Bangalore and I didn't reply (kind of like the girl in the blog you linked to).

Thing was I was thinking about it and feeling very sheepish because the big culinary event that happened to me in Bangalore was eating at Nagarjuna Savoy (which is technically Andhra food - but I have to eat the Andhra meal whenever I'm in Bangalore even though I lived in Hyderabad for two years). But now, reading this post, I realize Nagarjuna is perfectly respectable choice! I also did Airlines...

And ordered in 'Indian Chinese' from some place in Indranagar. And ate Mangalore seafood at Kudla.

Wedding was full of people with more gold than glitter (this being Mallu wedding).

I am shocked that you get something halfway decent like momos in Banaswadi. Wherrree? That's where I am condemned to stay every time I am in Bangalore and it is a barbaric place!!!

Soupie said...

Delicasy(Is that how it's spelt)
Don't try anything else on the menu.

Karan said...

Ok, I think a lot of things were left out on the menu.

Cakes (all except carrot) - Fresco's

Bhutta from roadside - outside Vidhana Souda/Cubbon Park

Bun-Nippat (Yeah, that is what it is called) - Chetty's, Serprntine Road, Kumara Park (Near Gullu's chaat)

DBC - Corner House

Butter Chicken boneless - Palate Corner

Tandoori Parantha - Palate Corner

Kababs - Palate Corner

Sizzler with roti (Yeah, they serve it like that) - Chalukya - You'll have to sit in for this, no car service. Sit in the a/c section.

Kadbu - Woody's

Son papdi & Rasmalai - KC Das

Bombay Toast, Veg. Omlette, Smileys (It's billed as Pom-Pom's), - Koshy's

Dosa chicken - Peco's

Tooti Frooti - Lakeview

Chinese Sizzler - Bombay Blues

Hot and Sour chicken soup - Chungs / Beijing Bites

Indian food - Chinese Hut
(Yeah,I know it's strange that the place is called Chinese Hut, but their Indian food is way better. Also, the place was called Jhopdi earlier, so that explains the prescence of the Indian food)

Triple Schezwan - Taipan

Chocolate Excess, Cafe Mocha - Barista
(I also loved the Mango Smoothie here but the bastards have changed the way they make it now)

Citrus Fish - Spiga

Dosa, Idly, Tomato Chaat, Chai - Nagrathpet road side.

Pav Bhaji - Sukh Sagar, Gandhi Nagar

Pav Bhaji - Shiv Sagar

Spring Dosa - Shiv Sagar

Mexican food - Shiv Sagar
(it's veg, but it's supereb)

Kit Kat Milkshake - Indiejoe

Kabas - Angeethi

any food, kabas - Samarkand
(The Chicken Kurcharan is to die for)

Kabas - The Kabab Studio, Goldfinch

BullsEye - Cafe Mosaic, Taj

South Indian Coffee - Sugar n' Spice, Taj

Vanilla Softy - Richie Rich

Kababs, Butter chicken - Kabab Korner, St. Marks Road

Taro's Nest - Taipan

Lunch Buffet - Memories of China, Taj
(Starve the previous day people, it's necessary)

Profitrole, Marble cake, Chicken Pot Pie - Casa Picola

Chocolate Ice Cream (the bitter one) - Baskin Robbins

Channa Bhatura - Tiwari Bros

Singar mithai - Arya Bhavan Sweets

Chicken Wings - Millers 46

Ok, Pri I can continue this list, but I'm sure this is pissing off enough for you.

But these have got to stay - it's a shme if you delete this. Yopu'll be depriving the world good food.
Remember that.


- Karan.

Karan said...

Ok, I also have a list of where not to eat and more importantly what not to eat where.

Do I have your permission Pri?

Kaushik Gopalan said...

Whoa!!!! You guys are way over my level. Haven't heard of half the places here. :P

Kaushik Gopalan said...


1. Much flattered that you read a post that far back. (If you got to it just by clicking on some random link, please don't tell me.)

2. Hilarious marriage proposals? Where?? :D

Karan said...

Ok, now that i got her approval I continue.

Oreo Cheese cake - Spiga

Sweedish Cake - Windsor Pub

Gobi Manchurian - roadside automan on Millers Road

Sizzling Brownie Sundae - Bangalore Bistro

Jam Doughnut - Daily Bread

Magarita - Java City

JavaCity Hot Mocha - JAvaCity

Iced tea - Java City / Koshy's

Ghatia with Mirchi - Outside Sukh Sagar, Gandhinagar

Paani Poori - the atta, oval shaped poori's - Food Court outside Sukh Sagar, Gandhinagar

Pink / Coconut Tuck - Sophias canteen
(Do they still have it? They still have the Tuck Shop Day)

Coleslaw - KFC

Cold Coffee - Koshy's

Red Wine Chicken - Spiga

Deserts - Sunny's

Twisted bread sticks - Java City

Chicken Peri Peri - Tangerine

Coffee - India Coffee House

Shawarma Roll - Zaks

Boneless biryani - Zaks

Shashlik - Ebony

Tacos - Stones

Black Dal - Tandoor
(Yeah, I know - people don't go out for dinner and eat Dal - but try this. You won't regret)

Pasta (Penne with cheese sauce) - Opus

Momos - Infinitea
(They serve it with this awesome chilly sauce)

Soppu Vada - Airlines

Chicken Hunan - Chungs

Karan said...

Oh, the above list is for food you must try.

Pri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karan said...

Well the waiters at casa's were always bitches.. Just like the ones in Coffe Day.

Hatred list coming up soon.

Karan said...

Ok, now for the highly over rated places.

Lime Light @ Park plaza - the food is very average. Soups are bad and juices un-necessarily priced at three digit figures. Tiramisu is worth spitting on. Ignoring waiters who give you dirty looks if you ask for water. Dirtier looks if you want regular and not bottled. Only packed because it's 24 hours.

Karan said...

Vidhyarthi Bhawan - this is one of those places you have to wake up and reach at 6 a.m. on a sunday if you want food. It's horrible. Bad idly. Ok dosa. Uncles and aunties giving dirty looks to sleepy young people in jeans. Coffee with malai, yuck. No vada.

spare your body the torture. Sleep

Karan said...

Kamat yatri nivas, mysore road - average food, good drive.

if you really want the good drive with better food stick to madur tiffin rooms.

Karan said...

Copper chimney - average food. Expensive.

it's probably the only place they'll bring the butter chicken to the table and say they can't serve roti's coz the staff in the kitchen have left. WTF?

Karan said...

MTR - what can i say?

The food is slightly better than the stale packaged mtr food in supermarkets.

Pri said...

OMG Karen You need to write a monthly magazine or something. Jeez!
And how are you so well informed about the pink tuck and chiki tuck at the all girls school canteen? huh?


because.... karen sometimes likes dressing up in drag to visit the girls colleges...
i dont know why.. i have seen this..

bharath rao said...

pink tuck/ stickjaw in abu's canteen was good too.....

5 rs burger in sjpuc canteen..

crunchy samosa in some side road in comm street.

kachori masala on the road parallel to comm street.

mangalore bajji in airlines

idli vada in kadamba , the chutney is one of the best.

mini masala dosa in ajanta , mg road

buffet at angeethi

more later.........

Pri said...

@ Other Pri: Well most days I never stayed on campus past the first and second class so lunch time ice cream always remained a distant dream. I’m sure it was good though.

@Chinkleton: I can’t believe I forgot about Painted platter and KFC. By the by Bengloor KFC is way yummier than Amreeka KFC.

@ The bride: Nagarjuna rocks. It’s hard to find an empty seat there though. The other day my mum and I went to this restaurant here called Village Inn and there were like 3 people in the restaurant total and for some reason this reminded my mum of Bangalore and all the Shiv Sagar/Shanthi Sagar places where you practically have to grab an empty seat when you see one even if its still being partially occupied. We’ve shared many dosas and chow chow baaths with random strangers who tried their best not to make eye contact.

@Soupie: Ooh thank you. And I have ordered other food there too. Their chilli chicken is delicious.

@Kaushik: Dude if you keep taking time off to grow up you’re never going to have enough time to discover all the wonderful Bengloor food.

@Karen: Um. I thought this next list was going to be about what not to eat where. And why would you eat something called ‘jam donut’? And I can’t believe I forgot about Casas. Mmmmm marble cake. The waiter hated Sid and me though. He always ignored us. :(

@bharath/mcc watchman: who the fuck is abu? And stop promoting your own restaurant.

rbr said...

pink tuck/ chikki tuck / stick jaw isnt just in mcc.. its there in sjbhs canteen too

Drama Queen said...

I can't believe no one mentions Butter Chicken and Ghee Rice AND the kakabs at Empire!!!! Doesn't everyone still go there after one long clubbing night??

Drama Queen said...

And Delicacy is not on Banaswadi ya!! Silly Pri and Soupie!! It's on Wheeler Road Extn. The momo's are damn yummmy.. But have you'll also tried the Chicken steamed momo's at Tibetan Plaza...
Oh and I also like the Chicken Lasagne at Sweet Chariot..
And the Chilly Chicken (Andhra style) at Nandini's.

Pri said...

OMG yes! Imperial bheja fry and Empire chicken kababs. K funny story one night kb soupie and me were parked outside Empire and we were trying to decide what to order. Somebody wanted tutti fruity ice cream and somebody wanted chilli chicken and then a very drunk kb said something like "But we HAVE TO get the chilli chicken. It sounds more EXCITING!" And so we giggled lots and ordered it and then we giggled some more and drove to Munniswamy tea stall. I think this was also the same night some boy was playing his guitar on the pavement. There was this huge crowd and all at 3 am. Fun night.

Karan said...

@ Pri: The food magazine is my retirement plan.

@ Empire Fans: I think the food there is ok. It's just that it's open till late. Butter chicken is nice there though.

Ok, I know I slund like a "One plate butter chicken" everywhere I go, but I'm not like that. Just thaink it is the safest think to order in a confusing menu.

Karan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karan said...

About the pink/coconut tuck:

I live like 100 m away from Sophias and all dames I know passed out of there so I was well informed. Also, I used to make different order request with different people.

Avi said...

Thanks for the excellent list. I might be going to Bangalore this summer and would try to eat all this delicious food and hope to not get too fat before my cousin's wedding.

Ashwin said...

Great.... if only this post and it's 31 comments had been posted two months earlier... I'd have been so much happier on my first... and only visit to the city!!!

the shiva said...

hey priya, u movin to h-town kya?..hahaa have a great time there...and dont miss Balaji Bhavan for anythin....

btw even mes leavin denver this month, so lets meet up before we both leave town...

Kaushik Gopalan said...

Great. I'm officially forty now.

Anonymous said...

My school had the world's best bhel puri. And it had potatoes in it. I'm willing to bet we're from the same school. It's the school after which the most natural college choice is MCC.

Anonymous said...

And pink tuck about nails it.

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Amit Pandey said...
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