Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mother watches TV

Since we're on the subject of mother i have to tell you a funny story. She called me at work recently and i always talk real fast when she calls because she likes to tell me the most unnecessary things and she takes forever to finish her stories. Getting to the point has never been her strength. As soon as she says "So today on Oprah.." or even worse "I was watching Dr.Phil today and there was this .." it's always my cue to say "Ma i really need to go." Anyway she called me the other day,
"Do you have a pen around? Start writing" and she proceeded to spell out the first and last name of some random person. Then she gives me his phone number. "This is the name and telephone number of the person who will be coming to repair the taps today. I just thought you should have this information in case you come home and find me murdered. At least you'll know who did it."
Now what does one say to that?
I tell her to stop watching those terrible Lifetime movies all the time but she wont stop.
And today to my great amusement mother witnessed her first gay kiss on TV. We were watching 'Brothers and Sisters', well i was watching and she was watching/napping. Anyway she woke up right in time to see the kiss. I turned to her to see her reaction. "What??????? Oh my God! I thought he was going to hit him. But weren't they just fighting? What nonsense and all they show on TV these days!" and then she giggled.
Oh and sorry to disappoint you TGFI but i did not go to the lunch thingy. Although they did send me a gift card from Target. Turns out the party was also sort of a going away party for us. Oops.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

WHATTTTTT! you didn't go? how could you NOT?

TS said...


Tabula Rasa is a CLUB in Delhi!

I like what you write. But the music's a little distracting.

Pri said...

@TGFI: Sorry. I had to choose between my Sunday sleep and badly dressed gossiping women with annoying tag along children.
You're a little scary you know TGFI.

@ts: I didn't know that. But there's this blogger dude with the exact same name. Thank you. You can turn it off if you dont like it.

Jeet said...

your mom is funny

moms have a great way to get that onephonecalladay fit into their schedule. They just want to check up on you and come up diff reasons to make that call..


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

You're a little scary you know TGFI

that, my dear, is the very intention! :)