Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Time for a rant [or 3]

So there’s this bitch at work who [for like the first couple of weeks] I thought I might actually like. HoeEver it didn’t take too long for me and everyone else [we’re good with the peer pressure apparently] to start hating her. I try to not have conversations with her because honestly listening to her complain about her son’s day care people does not make for fascinating conversation. So anyway today I heard that she has been bitching about me to this other coworker [who happens to love me and will tell me everything] and one of the things she has “mentioned” is how I don’t follow the dress code very strictly*…and this coming from someone who dresses like a slutty secretary from the seventies. BITCH!!!!!

Moving on, I got to meet one of the big company bosses this morning. It was cool and all but his handshake was a little too grippy for me. I know how your handshake supposedly says a lot about you and if its weak then people will think you’re weak but come on…I’m a girl and now my hand hurts. Paah!

The boss [a different one] has been getting on my nerves a little more than usual lately. He likes to hover around me a lot which I don’t like because that is in direct conflict with you know blogging time. He’s been making me do a lot more work and we all know my opinion on work … IT SUCKS. So yeah I pretend to look real busy all the time and it’s working [sort of]. On a happier note I get to go to lunch soon. :)

* I think I dress just fine [AND it’s summer damn it AND I’m young!] AND our dress code is so nineties AND my good friend KB says “Jana change keltaare”, so there.

p.s. Word of the day: Floordrobe - A form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.
"We have a very stylish colonial-style his and hers walk-on floordrobe at home."

Have i told you how much i love Urban Dictionary???


soupie said...

KB the evil one is always right in that aspect.
Pre I love the way you dess, except for twwety sweatshirts and random jogging bottoms worn everyday.
This blog also proves it.
People do suck dude.
Aye aye!

Pri said...

I do not own my adorable tweety sweatshirt anymore because you made me get rid of it. BETCH! And i don't wear 'jogging bottoms' and i never have. Did you mean pyjama bottoms? Because i still wear those all the time.

chinkles said...

Yea soupi we shouldnt have thrown her tweety sweatshirt....we shoulda saved it for posterity sake at least :)and pri u have been become quite 'chic' so dont listen to anyone...these people r just sour grapes pbthhh...

bheemsen joshi maharaj said...

madams, i am frem vishwa hindu parishad / RSS / Bhajrang dal, denver colorado division.
we have been gettin many complaints about yours skimpy clothes wearings.
please be dressing like bharatiya naari in saree. else we may be forced to throw stones on u and say priyaji hai hai..

yours violently
pandit bheemsen joshi maharaj
captain , VHP cricket team