Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So I’ve been tagged by The Drama Queen and don’t tell anyone but it’s my first time [being tagged] and it makes me feel all special and part of the blog world. *Sniff*

So seven random facts:

1. I use 3 different soaps [this does not include hand soap] at a time, you know … for different um body parts. Also I use 4 towels at a time for the same reason. Is that weird? My family thinks so.

2. I drink my hot coffee through a straw. I can’t drink through that hole on the top without spilling on my shirt and if I take the lid off and use it like a cup it just gets cold faster and when you’re paying $5 for a cup of coffee it better last a while.

3. My current crush [a pretty big crush i might add] is on a gay boy I've never met.

4. You know that girl from 'Notes from the Underbelly' who i said totally reminded me of me? Yeah not so much anymore. I found out today that she's bisexual. By the by this same show [that i was obsessing over after the first episode] is now only a 30 minute show. It's like i watch a little and then it's ad time and then i watch a little more and then more ads and then final scene and THE END and then Lost is on. It's so tragic.
Wahat??? you said random facts.

5. Um i can say 'i love you' in a hundred different languages. [Fine i saw it on a list on Orkut and i still need to look it up to remember]. Also 'Ninna penda wee wee' is 'i love you' in Swahili. I've always thought that was funny.

6. I'm obsessed with smells. I have a super sensitive nose [which is not always a good thing.] I'm also really good with recognising what perfume people have on [mostly because i own like every perfume ever manufactured...except Elizabeth Taylor 'White Diamonds' which has got to be the worst smell someone's actually paid cash money for. Oh and i suck at guessing men's cologne [mostly because i think they all smell the same.]

7. I was born the year India won the World Cup. Coincidence? I think not!

Yayyyy i'm all done. I tag: I am the Walrus [um do u even blog or do u just leave comments?], durkhaima, The Bride, The Saint and Ashwin.


chinkles said...

priii 'Ninna penda wee wee' :)) yes people its true she uses 100 soaps and 100 towels..and takes some 100 minutes for a simple bath (think goa trip from college) but dont worry priyu we still say 'Ninna penda wee wee'

Ashwin said...

Exactly, how big is each towel of yours?

Pri said...

Um they're all regular sized. why do u ask?

Janefield said...

yr first tag, eh?
liar liar pants on fire :P