Saturday, April 14, 2007

How people discover me, possible cat demise and hooker lady.

Conversation overheard earlier today -

Boy on his phone: I don't know what that last text was about but I didn't think it was funny. *CLICK*
Boy's friend: What happened dude?
Boy: Well she just sent me a text saying 'I'm sorry I accidentally ran over your cat' and now she won't pick up when I call her.
Boy's friend: Dude man what if she wasn't joking?
Boy [after considerable thought which I thought was funny]: Well um I guess we'd be over man.

And now for a fact you probably don't need to know but I insist you do -

Apparently if u google 'coorgi bitch' my blog is the first site it pulls up. Other key words that can help u find me if for some reason u haven't favourited me [we need to have a little talk about that] are 'aunties molesting young boys in bus', 'pedo', 'ambarish avaru' and my favourite one - 'ugh sindhis'.

And now for the part u were looking forward to the most -

This lady that dresses like a hooker [who's otherwise very sweet actually] told me she loved my shirt. Now I feel very self conscious and I want to go home and change.


Indianoguy said...

Hey Pri, Now you have mentioned it, I've favourited you.. for a second I feared for my life

I usually check your blog at work, so I didnt notice the music player... Nice collection of songs :)

somaki said...

pri me gets very excited to see people who dress like sluts, why u naat showing her costume ya? take fotu da...

k.b. said...

ugh sindhis?? hehhee
did ur t-shirt have boobs print on it??? like the guy on america's next top model??? but anyways congrats... finally u get compliments on ur dressing!!! and frm de perfect person!!!...hehehe

Pri said...

@indianonguy: thankyou :)

@sowmaaki: um i dont have a picture but think moncica from college only sluttier and less attitude.

@kb: bitch i get complements on my dressing all the time!

Ashwin said...

Do unmarried guys own cats? Thats a bit disturbing. Aren't cats supposed to be chick-pets? Or is that awfully sexists of me?