Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good leetle Indian girls

Soupie and i are discussing the gorgeous new pictures Kb has sent us of herself. [Very modelesque!] We drool over the super long eyelashes. I comment on the flawless skin. We dissect the makeup, top and shoes.

Soupie: I told her to put it on orkut but she refuses.
Pri: Um did u see the cleavage? There's no way good leetle Kb would put that on public display.
Soupie: Howdalla!

A few hours later I'm talking to Kb:
Pri: Hi model/seductress!
Kb: Thu katthe!
Kb: Guess what I'm doing right now?
Pri: yene?
Kb: I'm photo shopping my cleavage.
Pri: Bwahahahaha. How does one do that?
Kb: It can be done.
2 minutes later i'm looking at new and improved photo [minus cleavage] now appropriate for parental viewing.

What would good leetle Indian girls do without technology???

Going back to Soupie and my earlier conversation. We practiced a fake future conversation between Soupie's dad and Soupie about her choice of project topic. The topic has to do with homosexuals and we both know her dad will ask lots of questions and probably try to persuade her to change the topic. She frets while i giggle and then i remember i have to tell her something very important.

Pri: OMG Soupa i almost forgot to tell u...You remember Adnan Sami right?
Soupie: Uh ya. Why? Did he die?
Pri: No no. He just lost like over a hundred pounds. I saw this interview on NDTV and he's looking all thin. I mean not thin thin but like 1/5th of his size.
Soupie: Shut up!
Pri: Really. Go search for a picture.
Soupie: K.

Soupie: Um Pri he still looks the same.
Pri: Huh? No no go search for new pictures

Soupie goes to google images and types in 'Adnan Sami'. Referring to first picture: OMG!!!!!!!! Wait this cant be him. Pri i actually think Adnan Sami is hot!!!
Pri: Huh?
Soupie: I dont think its him though. Is it?
Pri: No no. This is some other guy.
Soupie: Oh OK. I'm typing in 'Adnan Sami thin' under google images.

A minute later i hear her almost choking.

Pri: What happened? Did u find him?
Soupi: No no. But go to Google images and type in 'Adnan Sami thin' and look at the second picture.
Pri: OMG! WTF happened???

You know what to do if u want to see what we saw.

Oh and after some research i did find this picture. Who knew eh?


somaki said...

bwahahahhaa, who eet ees that googly tatha ya?

Drama Queen said...

I think he underwent liposuction or something. He was a judge at the Femina Miss India pageant and my jaw dropped when I saw how much weight he had lost.

k.b. "i hort fotoshop" said...

ess okay.. im am gud leettle indian gurl... who will marry me if i send cleavage fotos eh??? say me i say, say me???

Pri said...

@sowmaaki: googly thatha???

@drama queen: u got to watch it?? Was Sarah Jane really the best contestant we had? i mean i used to like her from Channel V and all but Miss India? hmmmm.

@kb: i can think of one person...Shanmuga!

Drama Queen said...

Oh yes, I watched. She was quite good and confident. Yeah, I think she did quite well.